Babies cry! But you already knew that. What you probably are yet to figure out, is why.

It’s very important to remember that babies have no other way of communicating. Unlike your agitated wife or partner, your little one just isn’t in a position to use their words or throw a punch.

Understanding your baby’s cry is the first step in developing a well-rounded relationship with them. It’s also a great way to keep away undesired feelings of frustration.

Remember to always pay attention, then try and match the crying sound to a pattern of behavior. If you get it right a few times, it’s likely you will provide them and yourself relief quicker.

Here are some of the most common reasons:

Hunger: If your wife or partner is breastfeeding, pass them the baby. If you are formula feeding, then read our quick guide on how to prepare formula milk.

Tired or Overstimulated: Babies have no better way to express exhaustion or the fact that they have had just about enough of all the ruckus.

Soiled Diaper: A dirty diaper is sure to set your baby off.  Here’s how you can change a diaper.

Needs a Burp or has Gas: Babies need to burp during and after a feed. Read our quick step-by-step guide on how to burp your baby.

Fever: A sick baby will let you know by expressing their sadness. As a new father, you may want to learn how to take your baby’s temperature.

Physical Discomfort: It could be a hair wrapped around their finger, it could be too hot or just too cold.

Loneliness: Sometimes your baby just wants a hug and someone to hold (her).

Colic: Tends to diminish after the first 3 months.

Teething: Can start as early as month 3 or 4.

Now go out there, listen, act and be a great dad!

Our guide is meant to outline the need to know facts. Always consult with a qualified medical professional or childcare expert when taking important decisions regarding your child’s health.

Reviewed by: Julie Mallon

Date reviewed: 6th January, 2019

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