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How to Change a Diaper

01 July, 2018 | DD Staff
  • How to Change a Diaper
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Dads, let’s admit it… none of us gets excited at the thought of a diaper change. But it’s an important part of bonding with your child and giving your partner a breather.

It’s likely your child’s first change will take place at the hospital in the presence of a nurse. This is an opportunity for you to watch, learn and ask questions.

Our simple steps below can act as the perfect reminder when you’re back home and ready to change your baby’s diaper.

Prep & Safety

  1. Make sure your hands are clean or sanitized well. 
  2. The change space must be comfortable and warm for the baby. Consider using a change mat, towel or even a change table.
  3. Don’t forget the supplies: A clean diaper, wipes/wet cloth, diaper rash cream.
  4. Safety First: If you are changing your baby on the bed or a change table, make sure to always have one hand on them at all times. Your child’s change table may have a safety strap, but even so, never leave your baby unattended.

The Diaper Change

  1. Place your baby on their back and undo the soiled diaper by opening the tapes on either side. For a baby boy, try to keep the penis covered to protect yourself and others in the vicinity from a runaway spray.
  2. If there is a bowel movement, you will need to use a wipe to clean away the stool as you pull the dirty diaper from under the baby. Roll the dirty diaper and secure firmly with the tapes to create a bundle.
  3. Raise your baby carefully by the ankles wipe them clean and make sure to get into the creases. For a baby girl, make sure to always wipe front to back.
  4. Carefully slip the clean diaper under your baby with the tapes at the back.
  5. Before closing the diaper, it is important to let your baby’s skin air dry. This will help prevent a diaper rash.
  6. Bring the front of the diaper between your child’s legs, open the tapes and fasten on either side. For a baby boy, ensure that the penis is aimed down to prevent leakage.
  7. Dress your baby, dispose of the diaper in a well-sealed garbage can and always wash or sanitize your hands well after a diaper change.

A Few Extra Tips

  1. Change often. Sure, Diapers and Wipes can be expensive, but the emotional and physical pain of diaper rashes are just too much for a little one to handle. Newborn babies can use between eight and ten diapers a day.
  2. Diaper changes are not fun for your baby. As they grow older, so does the amount they protest and fuss during the change. Keep toys and distractions handy. Keep it interesting by talking, singing and even sharing stories with your child.
  3. Remember to monitor your baby’s growth so you know when to go up a size.

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