So, here’s the big question, “Should I take paternity leave?” Let’s say that you live in a country where the laws are in favor of you taking the time off or are getting better. Chances are, you’re not even considering it.

You’re probably worried about your job. ‘They seem to offer it, but no one takes it. Does this mean that if I do, I will suffer the consequences?’ Or you’re worried about the social stigma.

But back to the question, for it needs to be answered. Yes, yes and yes. You definitely should take paternity leave and here are the four top reasons why.

You’ll Be A Better Dad

The assumption is that if you take the time, you will put in the work. You’ll learn the basics, how to change a diaper, how to burp your baby and so much more. You will also take better co-parenting decisions and develop stronger fathering instincts. According to a study conducted in Sweden, paternity leave has a direct positive impact on participation in childcare and the satisfaction derived by men from contact with their children.

You'll Raise Happier, More Satisfied Children

More time spent with dad means more time spent with parents overall. Children are happier, healthier, have stronger self-esteems and do better at school. Studies show that girls with involved fathers are less likely to follow gender stereotyped career paths and boys are more likely to have a gender-equal outlook on life.

You'll Have A Happier Marriage

Taking paternity leave is a declaration of egalitarianism. A wife that experiences positive co-parenting and support through the early days is more likely to experience higher levels of marriage satisfaction. Studies also report that couples with balance and equality reported having better and more sex than those where the woman exclusively carries the burden of the home. Happy wife, happy life.

You'll Create A More Balanced Workplace & Society

An involved father is a concerned father. If a dad is involved right from day one, then he will always be concerned about his continued involvement in his children’s lives. Workplace flexibility and the need for work-life balance then becomes a workplace imperative rather than just a female issue.

Reviewed by: Dr. Melanie Schlatter

Date reviewed: 14th November, 2018

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