When a baby or toddler gets overtired, it becomes harder for them to sleep. Overtired, overstimulated children tend to get irritable and grumpy and spotting the signs will make it easier to settle them.

It’s important that your little one gets the appropriate amount of sleep to help with their growth and development.

Dads, here is a quick set of pointers to help you help your baby.

1. It can often be tricky distinguishing between a hunger and overtired cry. If your baby has had a feed within the last two hours, it’s likely they need sleep. You can offer your baby some milk, but if they drink only a little, they are tired.

2. Newborns will indicate exhaustion by sucking on their fingers, arching backwards, yawning, closing fists, pulling or tugging at ears, fluttering eyelids, staring into space, making jerky limb movements.

3. Babies and toddlers get clingy, clumsy, bored, fussy, cry and need more attention than normal.

4. Newborns get tired after being awake for an hour or hour and a half.

5. Three to six-month-olds get tired after being awake for an hour and a half to three hours.

6. Six to twelve-month-olds get tired after being awake for two to three hours.

7. After a year to 18 months, your little one will get overtired if they miss their naps.

8. If you suspect your baby is tired, work on reducing stimulation (E.g. making the room dark, taking away toys). Your child will probably also need some quiet time to relax before going to bed.

It is important to note that our guide is meant to give quick insight and outline the facts. Always consult with a qualified medical professional or childcare expert when taking important decisions regarding your child’s health.

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