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Are Baby Walkers Safe?

Should I buy one for my baby?
27 August, 2018 | DD Staff
  • Are Baby Walkers Safe?

Over the last many years, the baby walker has come under fire and for good reason. Dads, we want you to know all the facts and make an informed decision.

The baby walker has been prohibited in Canada since 2004. It is illegal to import, advertise or sell them. The Government of Canada website (that lists prohibited & regulated products) recommends immediately destroying the baby walker if you have one so that it may not be used again.

Are you wondering why health experts discourage its use? Well, there are two main reasons.

Lack of Safety: Baby walkers cause accidents and injuries as they give your baby extra speed and height. They gain access to household hazards (hot beverages, medications, candles etc.) they wouldn’t normally be able to reach. They also are at the risk of crashing into furniture and rolling down the stairs.

Delayed Development: It is a common misconception that a baby walker will help them learn to walk. In fact, placing a child in a walker will only interfere with the natural developmental milestones of rolling, crawling/scooting, sitting, cruising and then walking.

Exercise caution when buying toys and baby care products. It is important that you know the pros, cons and do the research. Our guide is meant to outline the need to know facts. Always consult with a qualified medical professional or childcare expert when taking important decisions regarding your child.

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