We love our children. That goes without saying. Yet they undoubtedly always partake in two very difficult habits that can make our life much more stressful than it needs to be. Those without children may think this sounds quite mean. They’re just children, after all. Yet the parents out there who read this will often smile in a knowing sense of both humor and the residual stress of memories gone by.

The first negative habit they practice is being able to injure themselves as easily as possible. Turn your head for one second and your child may have fallen over, or run into a doorframe or… well, we’re not fond of listing the various means in which children become injured. But they do, and they have a special talent for it. The second is that your home is almost never as tidy as it could have been, and even the most organized cleaner will feel a little put-out seeing toys placed all over the floor after a hefty tidying effort.

You may have wondered, ‘just how can I have eyes in the back of my head?’ or ‘how do I keep my kids’ closet organized?’ These are worthwhile questions. Let’s discuss this topic further below with some handy, practical advice:

Teach & Reward

Of course, we’re not about to help you turn your children into little peons of home maintenance, but a little help from time to time can be nice. It can be good for you to create a chart, hung up on your kitchen wall, in which you keep track of the amount of times your children tidy their toys after playing with them in the evening. If they get five in a row, you might give them a treat such as a little chocolate or snack. This can teach them good habits along the way.

Provide Them the Means

Providing our children the means to stay tidy can be a good way of helping them achieve the job for you. For instance, providing a small table for your son or daughter to play with their LEGO set, such as a castle or pirate ship, allows them to localize their toys in that one area as part of their bedroom play environment, helping you avoid treading on a LEGO piece while barefoot. We’re very sorry for that harsh image.

Take It Day By Day

Don’t expect to be perfect. No sane person on the planet would judge you for having a somewhat unkempt home with children running around, provided you do make the effort to tidy up and clean. Just take it day by day, doing what you can here, and ensuring that your home is cleaned there. Hiring a cleaner to help out can be a gracious aid, but you may also find that simple techniques, such as never allowing juices or snacks to be eaten in the living room, can enable you to avoid the stain removal or vacuuming efforts you may have otherwise contended with hourly.

With this advice, we hope you can take care of your home in the best way, despite your children’s best efforts.

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