As we said in our previous article Can We Have Sex During Pregnancy, the information created about prenatal sex is exclusively talking to women. It is important that men understand the basics and to-be fathers are made aware of the physical and emotional upsides and limitations.

To answer the big question, it is safe to engage in oral sex during pregnancy and there will be no harm to your baby.

It is important to remember a few things if you do decide to engage in oral sex. Remember, we have curated this from the perspective of a man and will hence offer information accordingly.

  1. If you are engaging in oral sex with your wife or partner, do not blow air into her vagina. This may result in an air embolism which could be harmful for your baby and partner. While it is an uncommon practice to blow air, it is also the most important piece of advice.
  2. Do not insert your tongue inside the vagina as this increases the risk of infections. Focus on licking and kissing your partners clitoris and labia.
  3. Pregnancy hormones give vaginal secretions a stronger taste/odor and some women may secrete more fluid than others.
  4. It is not unsafe for your partner to swallow your semen as long as you do not have an active or recently diagnosed STD. Professor Gordon Gallup, a psychologist at SUNY-Albany has a theory that pregnant women who are continually exposed to the father's semen are less like to suffer from AM nausea (morning sickness). It is important to note that this is only a hypothesis and is yet to be tested.
  5. It is possible for your wife/partner to contract a Sexually Transmitted Disease or Infection (STD or STI) during oral sex and this could be very dangerous for both the to-be mother and baby. Make sure you haven’t been recently diagnosed or have an active STD or cold sore. When in doubt, get checked immediately.
  6. A pregnant woman’s immune system is compromised as the pregnancy advances and hence STI experts recommend staying away from oral sex altogether during the course of a pregnancy.
  7. Your partner’s healthcare provider may ask you to avoid sex if there are certain complications or pre-existing conditions that could affect the baby or the course of the pregnancy.

Remember to always consider your partners emotions regarding any kind of sexual intercourse. Be open to discussing your feelings and needs with each other. Sex is a beautiful thing but isn’t the only way to create a bond between you and your partner.

At the slightest sign of discomfort, encourage your partner/wife to call their health care provider or take them to see a medical care professional.

The content of this article is not meant to offend, encourage or discourage and does not take into consideration cultural sensitivities and legal implications. It has been created to impart information to consenting adults and it is the responsibility of anyone reading to seek the relevant medical advice and be aware of the prevailing laws.

Impress your partner with key facts, take better co-parenting decisions and be 'in the know'. Visit our Partners & Parents resource center for more.


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