Now that you’ve read the overview of cord blood banking, it’s time to better understand how to select the right bank.

A lot of to-be parents are motivated to make the choice purely on price and proximity. Yes, cord blood banking is expensive, and you want quick access. But, now that you have taken the decision, it is important to consider other factors.

Remember to always seek referrals from friends and family. Ask your doctor for their recommendations and take plenty of time to do the research. This cannot be a last minute decision.

Other important things to consider:

Accreditation: While this may vary depending on where you live it is very important to ensure that the cord blood bank has fulfilled all the accreditation requirements laid down by the government. 

Collection, Shipping & Processing Time: You want your cord blood bank to have temperature stable shipping containers and a reliable courier/transportation service that gets the blood to the lab for processing on time. You also want them to have a relationship with your delivering hospital to ensure the collection is done correctly. There is an available window of 48 hours between birth and processing for cryogenic storage.

Experience Releasing Cord Blood: The bank must demonstrate a track record of clinical experience in releasing the cord blood. Participation in clinical trials is a good indication that their storage methods are thorough.

Financial Stability: You want to ensure your child’s cord blood is banked at a financially stable institution. Businesses of all kinds go bankrupt and the last thing you want is the uncertainty and instability.

Technology: Different technologies may be used to culture the tissue, yielding different cell counts, cell viability and cell potency.

It is important to always consult with a qualified medical professional or childcare expert when taking important decisions regarding your child and their health.

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