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Donor Eggs - An Overview

29 October, 2018 | DD Staff
  • Donor Eggs - An Overview
An example of a selection of Egg Donors in the United States.

Watching your wife or partner experience the pain of infertility is hard. The urge to bear a child is natural and a man must provide the necessary emotional support. IVF expert Dr. Sudhir Ajja offers men advice in his article, ‘Overcoming the War of Psychology and Sex’.

But your partner needs more than just support. It is important to demonstrate an understanding of her fertility issues and the alternatives to natural conception.

Daddy’s Digest has outlined the basics of Donor Eggs and the Egg Donation process. We are giving you the need-to-know facts.

1. An egg donor is required when your partners' eggs are either unviable or unusable. This may be a result of genetic issues, low quality/quantity of eggs or early menopause (before age 40).

2. A donor is usually a woman between the ages of 21-34, who has undergone fertility treatment to produce eggs for donation.

3. The donors may be provided financial compensation by the licensed fertility clinics or egg banks.

4. Somewhat similar to the screening of Sperm Donor, the clinics screening process should evaluate the Age, Physical Exam, Psychological State, Family Medical Information, Sexual History, EducationGenetic Testing and most importantly Hormonal Testing of the donor.

5. Depending on the laws of the country and policies of the clinic, most donations are usually anonymous, protecting the rights of the donors. In certain countries, donors are given a choice to be open for an introduction to the couple.

6. An egg donor identified through a licensed establishment has no parental or legal rights over your child. Their contracts must explicitly state that children born from donated eggs are legitimate children of the prospective parents.

7. It is not always possible to find an egg donor that looks like your partner. In more conservative societies, many parents choose not to share the history of egg donation with their child. As important as it is to find a donor that looks similar to your partner, it is equally important to identify one that is a blood group match to you and your wife/partner.

8. It takes a lot of courage for a woman to accept an egg donor, instead of using her own eggs. It is important for men to put themselves in their partner/wife's shoes and allow the final decision to be hers. It must not be a choice lead by the man.

It is important to verify information and ask your preferred doctor for their opinion. Our guide is meant to outline the facts, but every situation is unique and requires the final word of a qualified medical care professional.

Reviewed by: Dr. Sudhir Ajja

Date reviewed: 12th December, 2018

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