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How Do I Clean My Baby's Face?

20 November, 2018 | DD Staff
  • How Do I Clean My Baby's Face?

Dads, take a moment to understand how you should clean your baby’s face. All you need is cotton balls soaked in warm water (not hot). Do not use soaps and creams.

Your baby may not enjoy this so try talking or singing to make them feel comfortable.

Never put anything inside your baby’s ears or nose (including cotton balls, swabs, buds). Always be gentle and don’t ignore the folds of their skin (cleaning and drying).

Eyes:  Always use a new cotton ball for each eye. Do not use the same one for both. Wipe from the inside corners to outside corners.

Ears: Wipe around the outside and behind each ear. It is best to use a different cotton ball for each ear.

Nose: Wipe around the nose and clean the mucus. Babies often sneeze as a way of getting rid of the mucus. Use a nasal aspirator under the recommendation and guidance of a doctor.

Wipe under their chin and neck and in the folds. Once done, gently pat your baby dry with a soft towel. Don’t forget to dry behind the ears.

Our guide outlines the facts based on research from several online and offline resources. If you are in doubt or worried about your child’s health and/or safety for any reason, consult with a qualified medical care professional or doctor immediately.

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