Fatherhood can have various impacts on all members of the family. It’s time to further conversation and awareness about the mental health needs of fathers. 

It’s clear that entry into fatherhood can be confusing and stressful for some.

It's interesting to see that modern-day dads breaking the social norms with their parenting techniques. Children's social and emotional development is highly dependent on the father's involvement, but it’s tough to be able to handle all of the emotional challenges that come with the changing dynamics of a family.

Dad's and Depression

In an article published on conversation.com, they mentioned an interesting research conducted by Parenting Research Centre. The research indicated that, one in five dads has experienced symptoms of depression since stepping into fatherhood. Postpartum Depression in men is real. Paternal depression can lead to having difficulty in developing an attachment with the child. They are more likely to punish their children and interact with them negative manner that may cause behavioral problems in your children. Much like diabetes or hypertension, depression is also a disorder.



Here are the top six symptoms that may indicate depression or mental stress in men. 

· Increased anger and conflict or constant frustration 

· Increased use of alcohol or prescription drugs

· Significant weight gain or loss

· Feeling discouraged

· Unable to concentrate and focus on your daily routine

· Feeling excluded and jealous over mother-child bonding

If you have experienced any of these consistently since becoming a father, it's vital to know that you are not alone. You don't have to suffer alone, be aware of the mental wellness and work on improving your phycological wellbeing.


Impact on kids

Conversations about men’s mental health and its impacts on fatherhood have to be acknowledged. In fact, your children’s well-being is directly proportional to the dad's mental health. Regardless of the status, race, and ethnicity, having a sensitive and supportive father helps develop similar social skills in their children. In the parenting journey, it's important to have a dad who is both confident and supportive of their children. Teach your kids to open up to their parents about how they feel and seek help in solving problems where necessary. It's often noticed that kids with parents suffering from depression, stop themselves from being expressive. 


We need to start addressing this silent epidemic of paternal depression. The majority of mental health difficulties in men go unnoticed and untreated. Hence, it's important to address your problems and seek professional help where necessary. Check for local community centers that have discussion groups dedicated to conversations about men’s mental health issues, step up and talk about your concerns. For the sake of your family, stop pretending everything will be alright, start refocusing on yourself for the betterment of your future generations to come. 

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