I grew up with parents who were entrepreneurs, so it was always normal to me that they may be working at any time of day and that dinner time conversation would probably always find it’s way back to conversations of profitability, purpose and people in the workplace. It was so natural for me that I became an entrepreneur myself, running a business for nearly 10 years.

Some kids are inspired by their parents hustle!

“As a parent, I have felt concerned about what my children think about my “hustle”. They are small, but I want them to know that I prioritize them the same as (if not more than) my career. My kids love my work and the fact that Dad is the “Boss” or “His own Boss”. He calls dibs on which family company he will run when he’s an adult and my daughters build condominiums and other commercial real estate buildings with their Lego and wooden blocks! 🥰🤗🤓” – Stephen Thomas , Halo Advisory

“I think that she has a great perspective on it now that she is older and can really understand what it takes to be a woman starting a business these day. When she was younger I don’t know that she thought about it as much, it was just what I did.” – Leeanna Golden Gannt, Tooktake

Some kids have had mixed feelings about their entrepreneurial parents

“Mine has a varied relationship with my work – it gave me flexibility to be with him when he battled a serious illness for a year.” – Cathy Landolt, Blue Elephant  

“My daughter was a wake up call for me that I was spending too much time on fundraising and conferences. When she told me this (paired with the fact that she didn’t want to hang out with me anymore) I changed my goals and my hours. It was hard, but important.” – Vishal

“Oh man. My kids think I work ALL THE TIME. And they’re not wrong. 😆 Having their eyes on me definitely helps me create boundaries around my working time and family time.” – Seanna Thomas Nutrition

Some kids just are so little, they don’t know anything else.

This is a great question and I find it a tough one. My oldest guy is almost 4 and i know he certainly doesn’t have a negative connotation with us working. We really enjoy what we do so when we are talking about it we are usually pretty positive and excited so I think he takes that on. He also doesn’t see the extra time we put in while they are sleeping so if he did I wonder what he would think? We also work from home so they both don’t really ever see us drive away to work or come home from work, they just see us come upstairs or go downstairs haha. We are lucky to be able to work from home.” –Dr Rory Gibbons

…and some kids are just plain worried about missing out, no matter what it is the parent is doing without them

“I think they think I’m playing computer games and watching awesome garbage truck videos they’re missing out on. All while in bed. #workfromhome Jessica Cheung

Are you an entrepreneur? What do your kids think about your hustle?


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