We surveyed a group of Dads and asked them a simple question: What is something that you wish your significant other knew? 

Here are the answers that we received:

“Because I battle several mental health issues, I wish I could show her into my brain sometimes when I’m doing a poor job of communicating the challenges out loud” – Sam, 37, Casper Wyoming

“How bad her snoring really is” – Phil, 54, Grand Rapids, MI

“No matter what, I’m on her team and she never has to defend herself to me” – John, 35, Oviedo, FL

“She doesn’t do any meals or pack lunches. I wish she knew that it is exhausting finding recipes that everyone will eat, that are somewhat healthy, don’t take 3 hours to make and don’t cost a ton of money”  – Kevin, 36, Pittsburgh, PA

“When life gets messy, we can always face the challenge together. We are stronger together and make a great team” – Greg, 35, Annapolis, MD

“I wish that she knew how to take a legit break, to let more fall onto my plate or communicate when she’d like me to be more active in things” – Erik, 37, Bloomfield, NJ

“That I sometimes get teary eyed when I watch football games because my career got cut short due to a car accident.” – Will, 35, Midland, PA

“I still need time to decompress when I get home after work” – Jerry, 46, Houston, TX

“It’s OK to talk about what’s bothering you and not just say “nothing” when asked about it” – Jay, 50, New York

“I’d want her to know that she is loved, seen, deserving, strong, chosen and safe to open up and let people in and get close. I’d want her to know that living behind walls is a lonely place and I’d love her to allow herself to feel her emotions. I’d want her to know that even if it doesn’t work out that I will always love her with all of my soul and I just want her to be happy, love herself, and see herself how our girls and I see her.” – Michael, 38, Phoenix, AZ

“My bathroom breaks are sacred and demand at least 10 minutes of my time, please keep the kids away” – Nick, 35, AK

“I wish she knew it’s ok and healthy to take more time out for herself to unwind” – Noah, 32, Christchurch, New Zealand

“I wish she knew how to drive with a little less road rage…our six year old has learned all his naughty words from Mommy.” – Andy, 43, Northern California

“Since working from home, I no longer have a 30 minute commute to and from work which means I have no time to myself anymore. I work all day and most of that is spent on conference calls so when I come down to yelling kids and baby shows on TV, I really just need a little quiet time to myself. “ – Matthew, 38, Richmond, VA

“I’ve felt mediocre most of my life despite people treating me like I’m exceptional. Most of the time, I feel like a fraud and a failure” – Jayson, 37, Yuma, AZ

“I’ve always wished that I knew how to play the piano. My twin brother played the piano when we were kids and into high school. He was extremely good at it and even did his own composing, so I guess I always thought that because he was doing it that as his twin I needed to” – Mark, 41, Olympia, WA

“I am not especially handy when it comes to home improvements or servicing our cars. I feel very intimidated when I talk to service people.” – Derrick, 29, Hartford, CT

…What is something you wish your significant other knew? 

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Written by Daddy's Digest Staff

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