Kids make every moment of every day an adventure. If there's one rule about being a parent, it's that you need to be able to smile and see the humor in a given situation – even when that situation is uncomfortable, painful, or utterly ridiculous.

If you want some hilarious examples of just that sort of situation, be sure to check out Daddy's Digest's Favorite Parenting Tweets of July 2021:

That's one way to find a mate

Sometimes affection is a contact sport


Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Repeat.


Game. Set. Match. Snuggle.


Tyrants gonna tyrant


"Let Them Eat Cake…" and by them, she means her.


Deep down, we all dream of relaxing with an umbrella drink on a purple sand beach


It was her number two choice…


Sometimes its best to just not answer the door


If only they'd grade on a curve


If only there had been some sort of clue that it involed water


But seriously, what's for dinner?




Nothing to see here


Sounds like a hostile work enviornment


A Parenting Memior


(Quietly sips tea)


Hey, what percent is Mom on?


We're with Mom on this one


Well if that's the earliest appoint you've got


Don't hate the playa, hate the game


That math checks out


Does it really matter what it is anyhow?


I mean, I guess it's better than the day after


Have a painfully relatable parenting tweet that you'd like to share with us? Be sure to tag @daddysdigest and we might feature it in our next tweet roundup!

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Written by Daddy's Digest Staff

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