Just because it's back to school time, doesn't mean parents get a break from all those hilarious, awkward, confounding, and gross moments with their kids. The fun never stops when you're a parent – and thankfully moms and dads around the world have shared a few of these moments online for our enjoyment.

Here are some of our Favorite Parenting Tweets of August 2021:

Ah, the sweet taste of hypocrisy


Kids get the Gold, Husband gets the silver


Does that make him Spider-Dad or Dad-Spider?


Just wait until you show her where the "Input" button on her TV remote is


Sweet style, Bro


Uh…Thanks for the heads up, I guess.


You've got to give her props for that sick move though


She thinks your compliment stinks


This is one of the main reasons we teach them not to play with fire


They're not wrong… a little morbid, but not wrong


It may be time reevalute those screen time limits and Let it Go!


We recommend in the freezer inside an empty bag of mixed vegetables


They won't respect you otherwise


Wise beyond their years


I think we can all agree on this


They should probably put that in the brochure


We should have a rule for that… oh wait, we do?


Mom is a genius




Life Hack


Let's put the pal in Principal


The question that's on everyone's mind


Makes sense to us


Gotta check the velcro pocket first

Have you come across a "too real" parenting tweet like the ones above that you just have to share with us? Be sure to tag @daddysdigest and we might feature it in our next tweet roundup!

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