Dear Daughter,

You are 2 years and 7 months today. Next year, you will start attending school and thus will begin a new chapter in your life. The thing that I am going to write to you today will not make much sense to you in your early years at the school, but I think it is important for you to understand this as you grow up. You my dear, like every other child on this planet are blessed to be born with an inherent connection with your inner self. This connection is what makes a child so special and innocent. This is what we adults miss in ourselves and other adults when we see you children being so pious and pristine. I believe there is one prime reason for this. As we grow up, we start focussing only on our outer world and forget the world inside of us, our inner world. Today I want to talk to you about these two worlds. 

The outer world as you have already started noticing is the world which God has created, and we humankind, have modified it to suit our requirements. We have made considerable changes to this outer world from its original state. It has its set of rules, its governing structures, its currencies, its languages, its social structures and whatnot. You might have already started noticing some of this when you go to your day-care, or on your trips with us. This is a wonderful place, this outer world. We humans, have the utmost responsibility to discover our potential in this outer world and also to nurture it with progress. We must also follow certain rules and duties as long as it falls in line with our inner conscious. However, one of the major things that this outer world does is, it starts becoming your only world and makes you forget your inner conscious. From your friend, it starts to become your dictator. From your well-wisher, it starts to become your master. And that is where the problem starts. You start doing things just to please the whims of this world. You put on masks to please its eyes and sing songs to please its ears. In short, you lose yourself and become someone else. Such is the effect of getting lost in this outer world.

Thankfully, there is another world which is much easier to traverse. And it’s closer as well. Well, I am talking about the world which is inside of you.  Your inner self, being, whatever you call it. You can just close your eyes and see it thriving with so much life and energy. And there is no one to please or pretend to in that world. You have to focus internally and seek your truth there. And from what I have known, there is no absolute truth in this world. There is only your truth. There are no rules written by someone who does not know you. There is only love and respect for the person that you are. If you were to take my advice, spend some time with this inner world every day. You will find that this will have a ripple effect on your outer world as well. 

We are taught from the childhood of how to navigate our way through the outer world. We are taught the languages which help us communicate with people outside. We are taught maths and accounts to do the transactions. We are taught social sciences to understand the political and social structures. We are taught science and technology to understand the mechanism of this outer world and improve it. These lessons are our weapons to steer our path in this world and there are plenty of them. In today's age, in fact, there are more weapons than required. But to navigate our way through the inner world, we are not given any tools. In fact, we are not told that such a world exists. And thus, we are oblivious of its presence for so long. 

Let me tell you this  beta, the inner world is as beautiful, if not more ,than the outer world. try to balance between both these worlds. You don’t have to choose one over the other normally. But if at all in life you have to make a choice, choose the one which is closer to you, inside of you.


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Written by Aashish Agrawal

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