It's Bell, Let's Talk Day and Canadian Kids Paedetric Company Kixcare is co-hosting a panel conversation with medical professionals about the challenges children are having right now – specifically with their mental health. We sat down with CEO and Co Founder Daniel Warner to learn more about why this event is so relevant and important to children. 

Daddy's Digest: Can you tell us what this event is all about? 

Daniel Warner: We’re excited to co-host a free Pediatric Mental Health webinar with  and Sick Kids VS. for Bell Let’s Talk Day tomorrow (January 26th). We kick off at 11:00am. Join hundreds of families and pediatric care experts coming together to help our kids.

DD:  As a parent, why do you think this will help? What are you excited to learn about? 

Daniel W: The amazing medical professionals we have on the panel are going to be very helpful for parents. Throughout the pandemic, kids needs have largely been ignored. Kids haven't been able to go to school or camp, see their friends or participate in extra-curricular. All the while, they are watching their parents and extended family manage as best they can. Kids are scared about COVID and they simply want to just get back to being kids. This is what KixCare is all about – and this is why we are passionate about this event. 

Our expert speakers and panelists include:

Dr. Harley Eisman, Chief Medical Officer at KixCare, Pediatrician
Dr. Erin Romanchych, Clinical Psychologist at SickKids Hospital
Dr Edward Les, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician,
Dr. Pamela Mitelman, Clinical Psychologist, Kids Sleep Clinic
Leanne Matlow, CBT Counsellor and Founder Mental Health Awareness Day
Dr. Jason Berman, CEO and Scientific Director of the CHEO Research Institute

I don't know about you, but this line up of experts is something I'm really looking forward to. 

DD: This sounds like an incredible event – really important and valuable to parents. We'll be there and we're proud to be support Bell Let's Talk and Sick Kids. 

Daniel: I can't wait to see you there! 

Register here:

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