If you have read my previous articles, First Trip To The Library, First Trip To Disney, and First Trip To The Ballet, you know that I have a flair for making each “first” a memorable experience and something to look back on with vivid recollection. 

As a proud father of a beautiful, loving, and joyful 3-year-old daughter, we were all excited for many more firsts this spring and summer.  Having never been to a live sporting event, I was excited to walk her into a stadium and enjoy all the experiences that come with it. 

Although it appears that baseball, and most sports are penciled in to make a comeback, it will be a while before fans are allowed back into stadiums/arenas (in addition to the time it will take before one feels comfortable enough to attend when the time comes).  Luckily, we were able to catch an early spring training game before COVID-19 escalated throughout the United States.  And once again, another memorable first was created.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

It is such an amazing sight to watch your child experience something so grand for the first time.  So much to see, so much going on, so many people around.  The beautifully manicured field with all the players, the huge scoreboard, the dancing mascot, the upbeat music, the jeers and cheers from the crowd, and all the interactive games and activities to play around the stadium.

One of the many special parts of going to a spring training game is the relaxed atmosphere of both the stadium and the game itself.  With this being said, for our seats we simply sat ourselves down on the grass behind the outfield, which not only gave us a great view of everything, but above all else kept us safe.  No way a bat could fly out that far, and the only way a ball would be coming our way was if a home run was hit, and I paid close attention to each pitch and the fly balls.  As a dad and parent, no stone left unturned to protect your child!

Additionally, we were able to walk Juliet right next to the bullpen in the outfield where she got an up close look at the pitchers warming up and throwing.  She watched in awe as the pitcher wound up and threw with precise velocity to the catcher.  After a few minutes, suddenly a ball rolled away on the floor.  The pitching coach who was analyzing the pitcher looked over to us and then tossed us the ball.  Score! Our first baseball game and we secured one of the most prized souvenirs in sports.  Now that’s a memento that will sit on the mantle for many years to come.   

We stayed until the 7th inning stretch so we could all sing ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’ together, and the smile on Juliet’s face during this put the perfect button on the evening. 

Then, with her new souvenir in hand, we left the stadium not realizing that this could be the last time we walk into one for quite some time.  Yes she is only 3 and has her whole life ahead of her.  But you only get to be 3 once, and you only get to be a child once.  And who knows when we will be taking her to events with large crowds again.  I’m glad we did when we did.    

Don’t Wait

This pandemic has taught us all many things.  The takeaway I want to leave you with from this article and experience is that sometimes in life its best not to wait.  When you have an opportunity to do something, especially with your child, don’t let it pass by. 

“Oh we can go another day.”

“There will be plenty of time to go do that.”

“Let’s wait until xyz.”

As we have seen, that experience and opportunity may not happen or be available for quite some time after its gone.  And given how this pandemic has changed, and will continue to change our world going forward, who knows how many experiences and opportunities will change permanently.

Wishing all the readers and their families health and safety this summer and beyond.   

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Written by Giovanni Roselli

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