Now that you have read our overview of male infertility, we thought it best to give you a little more insight into semen analysis.

Infertility, impotence and the inability to conceive is a difficult subject. Both men and women around the world are experiencing it at growing rates.

You aren’t alone, and it is absolutely not a reflection of your manhood. Taking the step to get a sperm test is, in fact, a process of gaining control not relinquishing it.

Here is a simple overview.

1. Semen fluid is the male ejaculate that contains sperm and other sugar & protein substances.

2. A semen analysis factors in quantity (sperm count), shape and motility. Sperm count varies from day to day, so a doctor may require doing more than one to determine an average.

3. Prepare for the test. Many factors can affect the result so avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee and taking drugs. Avoid sex and masturbation for 24-72 hours before the test.

4. If you are on any medication, chronic or otherwise, discuss it with your doctor. They will take this factor into consideration if the results are not within normal limits.

5. In order to get a usable sample, the semen must be kept at body temperature and should reach the testing lab within 30-60 minutes from leaving the body.

6. Masturbation is the ideal way to get a clean sample.

7. You can also collect your sample at home after having sex with a condom, but it is recommended to conduct the test in a medical facility to avoid sample contamination.

8. If you have a spinal cord injury and need to submit semen for analysis, you may require Penile Vibratory Stimulation or Electroejaculation (ejaculation stimulated by electricity).

9. Your doctor will indicate the parameters of a normal result. Abnormal results may indicate infertility, diseases such as diabetes, an infection or a hormonal imbalance.

10. Men who wish to get a vasectomy also require undergoing semen analysis to make sure there is no longer any sperm in the semen.

Always seek clarification on the subject from your doctor or consult with a qualified medical care professional.

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