Daddy's Digest: Why this album? Why now?

Lexy the Rapping Dad: As a Dad, there is something special to me about making music and books with my kids. This album, Friendly Fables Rap-A-Long Vol 2., is a collection of songs that my children helped me to write during the pandemic. We spent a lot of time together over the last few years and my best memories are of us going on long hikes in nature and singing jingles to each other that would eventually make up this new album. 

The reason we launched the album now is because I am appearing on Dragons Den this month (December 16th) and I really wanted to have new content for our fans, both old and new, to listen to and enjoy.  

DD: What were you pitching on Dragon's Den?

Lexy: Back in 2017 when I left the corporate world to be with my son during his surgery and recovery at SickKids, I had no idea I was about to embark on this creative journey. Fast forward to today and Friendly Fables has grown into something I could never have imagined. What started as a collection of books has now grown into a chart-topping series of albums and a flourishing YouTube channel. On Dragon's Den, I was pitching Friendly Fables as a whole, which is a multi-channel children’s entertainment company that inspires children’s literacy through ‘Rap-A-Long’ books, songs and videos. 

DD: Why did you decide to go on the Den?

A: In order to reach a broader audience outside of Canada, I knew I needed some help. So I went on Dragon’s Den to find a partner and investor who shared my dream to bring laughter,  music and literacy to kids across the World! 

DD: What do your kids really think about what you do?

Lexy: My kids (age 7 and 4) are very proud that their Dad is a rapper. It is the first thing they tell people when they meet. There is a healthy competition in our house to see who can create the next hit Friendly Fables song. My son and daughter are always coming up to me singing little jingles and asking if we can make them into Rap-A-Long books. It makes me so proud that they are proud of this unexpected career change. 

So, I can safely say that my kids think I’m way cooler now that I’m a children’s entertainer versus a Sales Director in corporate Canada:) 

DD: How does rapping help you as a dad? Is it your full time job?

Lexy: Rapping and writing is officially my job (aside from being a full-time Dad;). The rapping has really helped me as a Dad because I often make up songs about things my kids need to do to pitch in around the house, like tidying up or emptying their lunch boxes after the school day. The songs help them remember their tasks and it makes it fun for them. If there is one thing I love more than entertaining an auditorium full of kids, it’s entertaining my own kids and their favourite thing is when Dad raps. 

DD: How did you come to the decision to do this in the first place?

Lexy: Back in 2017 I was working in corporate Canada when we discovered our son needed surgery at The Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto, Canada. I decided where I needed to be was at his side, so I left my job in the corporate world. 

During my son's recovery I started writing rhyming stories to entertain my daughter who was 3 at the time. I found I had a knack for telling stories so my wife encouraged me to share the stories at a local elementary school. After my first performance a librarian approached me and told me that my books sounded like rap songs and the next group of students would love it if I ‘rapped’ one of the books. 

Once I rapped one of my books to the next group of students I knew I was onto something. The kids were dancing, the teachers were dancing, everyone was laughing and I realized I could make books come alive with rap music. 

During my family's time at SickKids I realized the importance of making kids smile, especially children going through difficult times. When I saw that my stories and books made kids happy, it was an easy decision to keep going on this journey. 

DD: What's your ultimate goal?

Lexy: My ultimate goal is to bring laughter and literacy to kids across the world! I would also love to visit every elementary school in Canada in the coming years like one of my favourite childhood authors, Robert Munsch.  I would like to see my Rap-A-Long books and songs inspire the next generation of writers and musicians. 

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