When you have children, your bed is no longer your own. It is a place where stories are read. It is a place where movies are watched. It’s a place to snuggle on cold winter mornings. It’s a place to find solace after a bad dream. There is no safer place than Mom and Dad’s bed. When we first got married, my wife and I purchased a queen-sized bed. It was a standard mattress/box spring combo. It served us well, but once our twins came along, it just wasn’t big enough.
Add to that, the fact that parenting small children involves a lot of ups and downs. Each night is roulette wheel of accidents, bad dreams, requests for water and any of the various other needs your kids seem to develop in the wee small hours of the morning. Each up and each down rocks the boat for your partner who is desperately trying to squeeze in those pressure hours of sleep.
With all that said, when I got a chance to try out a Casper King Sized Original Hybrid mattress, I was excited if not a little skeptical. I had seen the commercials for Casper, so I knew that it would be one of those “box mattresses.” How good could it possibly be? Mattresses are supposed to come to your house one of two ways. Either you haphazardly strap it to the hood of your car and hope for the best on the ride home, or you pay an exorbitant price and two large fellows show up at your house and haul it in for you. The quality of a mattress that comes rolled up in a box and delivered like a pizza can’t be anywhere near the quality.
Yeah….I was wrong. 
I’m not sure what sort of witchcraft they used to get a 6-foot, 112-pound mattress into a 2-foot box, but once it was released from its plastic wrapped prison, but it is amazing. I am going to say this with no exaggeration or embellishment. This was the best mattress I’ve ever slept on.
For one, the support it provides is perfect. As someone who spent a large portion of their professional life traveling and sleeping on hundreds of different mattresses, I’ve run the gambit from marshmallow soft to hard as a rock. This mattress falls right in the Goldilocks zone, it’s just right. The bed’s zoned support creates an ideal alignment for your spine, which means no more waking up stiff and sore each morning.
It is also surprisingly cool. As a portly fellow, I tend to run pretty hot at night. Unlike a traditional mattress, Casper uses its Airflow technology to help pull heat away from your body. While that may sound just like marketing jargon, I have to say that since I started sleeping on this mattress, I have not once found myself in that awful cycle of tossing my blankets off at night because I’m too hot only to retrieve them seconds later because I’m suddenly freezing. Casper also really handles the transfer of motion very well. My wife and I are each able to get in and out of bed without disturbing each other, which was a feature lacking from our previous mattress situation.
As far as negatives about this mattress, there aren’t really many to speak of. The only thing I might mention is that because the mattress itself is nowhere near as thick as a traditional pillow top mattress and there is no box spring, the bed itself sits much lower than what we were used to. We will probably spring for the Casper foundation in the future, just to put the overall bed slightly higher. This, however, is a personal preference on our part and not something we would “need” to do.
If you’re looking for a new mattress, I’d whole heartedly recommend the Casper Original Hybrid, but I’d also recommend visiting their website, Casper.com, and take the quick quiz they offer which will help you decide which of their offerings is best for you.
Even better, Casper offers you 100 days trial of their mattresses. If you don’t love it, they will allow you to return it free of charge! They do the pick-up, packing and will attempt to donate the used mattress.
So overall, it’s worth giving them a try.
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