To Mo or not to Mo? That is the question dads might be asking themselves this month as we enter November and with it the start of Movember, the month where men around the world grow moustaches in a bid to raise funds and awareness for men’s health. Supporting causes like Movember may seem like quite the undertaking, especially when – for most dads – there aren’t enough minutes in a day.


From the everyday responsibilities to keeping track of kids and the unexpected pain-in-the-neck moments that often seem to come about at just about the worst time. This of course all while simultaneously trying to remember to answer ‘that’ work email and submit ‘that’ important report before the morning meeting. Being a dad is BUSY.


Right at the bottom of that long list of responsibilities comes maintaining an appearance, let alone pesky facial hair like a moustache. Though fatherhood is the perfect excuse to wear that same outfit that you’ve conveniently left at the side of your bed all week, maintaining a work-appropriate moustache for a month-long can seem daunting. Mo’s require time and T.L.C. to look their best. But for those brave enough to give it a go, we’ve compiled a helpful guide to help make moustache maintenance more achievable for dads everywhere this Movember, keeping your moustache looking dapper right through until December 1st. 


Tip #1 


Making sure you have the right tools to get the job done is essential. Resorting to trimming a moustache with your partner’s nail scissors can not only be tricky to maneuver but also can lead to regretful lopsided mistakes. Hair takes time to grow, so we want to avoid backtracks. Clippers, beard trimmers, facial hair scissors, a moustache comb, beard wax can keep grooming easy and quick. Pro-tip, it’s important to ensure these tools are out of reach of children, as we know those imaginative, crafty hands will see scissors as an excellent option to play barber themselves. 


Tip #2


Taking proper care of your skin may be an afterthought but keeping your skin healthy will, in turn, keep your stash happy and allow for superior facial hair growth. Using a daily scrub will help remove dead skin cells or leftover food particles especially in the early stages of Mo growth. Facial hair is generally coarser than the hair on your head so to keep irritations at a minimum. Conditioner and oils can help you stay comfortable and stop you from dealing with an itchy moustache.


Tip #3


When you’re growing out your Mo, patience is a virtue. Don’t be discouraged when that first week of uneven stubble makes you doubt your choice. Leave it be – trust us. Don't start fiddling around with the razors, it’s a recipe for disaster and you can set yourself back on progress. Be sure to schedule self-care time for yourself. Generally, we recommend taking advantage of that special time when the kids are asleep, avoiding any sudden knocks at the bathroom door. Take your time and avoid frantic rash-causing maneuvers to speed up the process. Growing the perfect Mo is a marathon, not a sprint! Finally, when whisps do start to sprout up and it’s time to think about trimming your moustache, be sure to trim it dry. When hair is wet, it's much heavier which can result in taking off more than planned. 


Tip #4


Have you ever seen a moustache style and thought – man, wouldn’t that be fun to try? Having a moustache reference guide can help you achieve the moustache of your dreams. It's only one month of the year, so go to town with it. If Tom Selleck is your inspiration, now's the perfect time to embody his trademark Mo. I mean who's to tell you otherwise – it's for men's health. If you don't have a celebrity stash in mind, trimming your moustache to your face shape is the best way to go. Finding a happy balance between the style you love, and your general face shape can help make this an easy decision. 


Tip #5


If you're new to the moustache game, properly trimming your stash can be overwhelming. If your “artistic abilities” end with making sure your socks match but you're strapped for time, making frequent trips to the barbershop for maintenance might not seem realistic or enjoyable. If you feel uneasy about your grooming skills, asking your partner for help can not only benefit your Mo but also enhance your relationship. Whether your spouse loves it or hates it, include them in your moustache journey. Scheduling time each week can bring you closer together and who knows – maybe they’ll let you keep it year-round? 


Tip #6


For those who can’t grow a moustache, there are plenty of ways to get involved in Movember. Participants have the option to HOST an event (virtually or in-person where safe to do so) or MOVE 60 km over the course of the month, which stands for the 60 men lost to suicide every hour. If you have something different up your sleeve, you can also sign up to MO-YOUR-OWN-WAY and craft your own personal challenge. At the end of the month, whether you GROW, MOVE, HOST or MO YOUR OWN WAY, all funds raised are going to life-saving programs changing the lives of men around the world.


Finally, some last words of wisdom – don't be deterred by the process of your moustache growth or any unwelcome comments your kids may have about the unfamiliar look. Instead focus on discussing the importance of the moustache and what Movember is all about. Whether patchy or plump, every moustache grown through Movember starts important conversations around men’s health and raises funds and awareness for mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Whatever you grow will save a bro. And who knows, maybe you’ll find your new ‘look’.



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