In the ever-changing landscape of parenting, we grapple with preparing our children for a future that doesn’t exist yet. Social media, though it has evolved since its inception two decades ago, now inundates us with curated content, often emphasizing division and polarization.

For my family, social media has been a mixed bag. It’s allowed us to share moments with loved ones but has also fueled political conflicts, straining our relationships. Nonetheless, it’s provided me with a creative outlet and a platform for humor.

In 2018, during a challenging period in my life, I launched the #LittleWheelsBigHearts campaign on Twitter. Our mission was simple: inspire people to donate Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars to Toys for Tots. The response was phenomenal, with international support and an Amazon Wishlist ensuring global participation.

Looking to make an even bigger difference, one of our founders created the Tennessee Chapter of #LittleWheelsBigHearts which specifically provides support and gifts for the Le Bonheur Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. For more information on their Tennessee Campaign, visit their website at:

Despite the pandemic, in 2020, we set an audacious goal of 10,000 donated vehicles, extending our campaign to include various toy vehicles. Against the odds, we surpassed this target, collecting over 12,327 vehicles in 2021.

Now, we’re thrilled to kick off the 2023 #LittleWheelsBigHearts Campaign, running until December 6, 2023. 

You can get involved in three ways: 

By using our Amazon Wish List – Each year we curate an Amazon Wish List of cars and other vehicles tailored to a variety of ages. These items are shipped directly to us, counted, and then hand delivered to Toys for Tots at the end of the campaign. The link can be found here –

 Making a monetary donation on our GoFundMe page – Making a financial contribution to our GoFundMe page allows us to take advantage of the aggressive sales at the Holidays in order to maximize our giving potential. Our link can be found here –

Donate cars locally to Toys for Tots and share  your contribution with the hashtag #LittleWheelsBigHearts on Twitter! 

This year is going to be an uphill battle. Changes to certain social media platforms have made engagement and reach harder than ever. External forces have caused the price of toys, like so many other things, to increase, putting a strain on already tight budgets and increasing the importance of our campaign now more than ever. 

In challenging times, this campaign offers us an opportunity to create a better today and provide hope for a brighter tomorrow. Let’s make this year’s campaign the best one yet!

Questions? Reach out to me at!

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