If you feel like your relationship is missing something, then you definitely aren’t alone.

There are so many relationships that aren’t working out, two people together for the kids, or the sake of a love they shared in the past. Some go on too long, living stale. When you’re living with someone it’s easy for things to go downhill. But if you’re always feeling like your relationship is missing something, there are two things you can do. The first but not ideal, is to bail and admit that it just isn’t right for you. If you know giving up is not an option, focus on what your relationship is missing and what you can bring to it.

Has the Flare Gone?

If the fire has burnt out in your relationship it can be so hard to get it back. One moment you are completely in love, the next, you hate everything about them. Everything they do annoys you, a feeling you cannot run away from. It definitely happens after living with someone for a few years. You get set in a routine and only doing things as a family. It’s so hard to hold on to that passion and romance. Regular date nights need to be a thing. Hiring a nanny or getting family members to look after the kids whilst you go out for a date night is going to strengthen your bond. Focus on your relationship, just the two of you!

Are You Even Ready to Take The Next Step?

The next step can often be daunting for people. Some people are just not set out to get married or have children, and that’s fine. Some have children and never feel the need to get married. If you’re with someone who has always believed a certain way, it can put pressure on your relationship if you want to take the next step. Even if that just means an engagement. If you look at 4 Carat Diamond Rings, they might not be as expensive as you thought, and the idea might not be as far off. It’s a statement for you and your partner that you do want to spend the rest of your lives together, and you do have that level of love for each other.

An Equal Relationship

Finally, you need to make sure that you’re in an equal relationship. The only way it’s going to be able to work long term is if you are equals. Always make sure you’re sharing tasks when you live together so that one side of the relationship is not burning out. Always make sure you’re going out of your way to be there for each other!

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