It is a common belief in India that using silverware to feed babies has both medicinal and health benefits. Mothers and fathers need to be armed with the facts when making important decisions regarding their baby’s health.

Annaprashan (also known as Choroonu, Mukhe Bhaat or Bhaat Khulai) is an Indian ceremony to celebrate a child's first solid meal and it is common to use silver utensils during this rice-eating event.

Many arguments are made in favour of silver citing advantages that it is bacteria free, boosts immunity, is non-toxic and keeps food fresh for longer. By contrast, plasticware presents the challenge of chemicals, even when they are BPA free.

The fact is, there has been no known benefit to using silver when feeding a baby and no scientific evidence that any minerals or nutrients from the utensils pass on to your child when they eat or drink. Unlike lead and mercury, silver is not harmful to the body nor is it an essential like zinc and magnesium.

There has also been no known harm to babies that eat and drink from silverware. Silver will tarnish from use and interaction with food but there is no evidence of harm to babies from the tarnish.

Remember to always wash and sterilize your baby’s feeding equipment before use. This ensures that they are free from harmful germs and bacteria. It is possible to rinse and wipe silverware, but no manufacturer recommends using their sterilizing equipment with metals.

You may access information on feeding frequency and quantity in our Baby’s First Year Feeding Guide.

Always consult with a qualified medical professional or childcare expert when taking important decisions regarding your child’s health.

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