It’s a tasteful black and white photo of a handsome young man lying in bed. His phone is balanced across a lean stomach sculpted by good nutrition and vigorous exercise. You notice for the first time the image is being taken in a mirror. His other hand is below his waist, just out of frame, its location implicit but left to the viewer’s imagination. His forearm and biceps flexed as though he’s making a fist or perhaps has a tight hold of something. His face, framed by an immaculate beard, is set in a look that falls somewhere in that sweet spot between concentration and ecstasy.  His back is just slightly arched; just enough to accentuate the muscles of his stomach giving the implication that he is building toward some sort of glorious finale.

Want to check out the image?

You’ll have to find “Rob” on OnlyFans and subscribe. Daddy’s Digest took a moment to speak with Rob about his erotic side hustle.

Daddy’s Digest: Firstly, Rob, please tell us a little about yourself.

Rob: I’m a 42 year old, divorced, dad of three boys.  I feel like I’m your pretty typical 40-ish year old man.  I’m into movies, sports, and various nerdy things.

Daddy’s Digest: Why did you start your OnlyFans account?

Rob: I started my OnlyFans to make a little extra money.  A few of my friends from twitter had one and from what they were saying, they were making some pretty good money doing it.  It looked like fun and I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life, so I felt like I didn’t have anything to lose.

Daddy’s Digest: Has it been a lucrative venture, so far?

Rob: It hasn’t been too lucrative. It’s harder for straight guys to be successful. Why would women need to pay for porn?  They get more than they probably want to see anyway, from guys sending unsolicited pics.  Most of my twitter followers are women.  I'm sure that if I had move gay male followers it would be more lucrative.  

Daddy’s Digest: Do you find your subscribers tend to be more female, male or a pretty even split?

Rob: At the moment it's a pretty even split.  Throughout my time with OnlyFans, its tended to be more female than male.

Daddy’s Digest: Do you have any concerns about your children, family, friends, or employer discovering your OnlyFans page?

Rob: My kids are still pretty young so I’m not too worried about them finding it.  I don’t have a large extended family anymore so I’m not too worried about them finding it.  I did have a friend of mine find it, and while it didn’t cause any uncomfortable situations, it did start some entertaining conversations.  My employer finding out does worry me a little bit, but I know plenty other professional people that have their own accounts and they haven’t had any negative experiences to my knowledge, so I feel pretty safe.

Daddy’s Digest: What has been the biggest surprise since starting your page?

Rob: Knowing what all was involved with an Only Fans page before starting my own; there haven’t been too many surprises.  I’ve had a few requests that I’ve thought, “Ok, that’s a little weird.”  But after talking to a few other people with pages, i discovered that what I thought was a little weird was not that weird at all.

Daddy’s Digest: Without getting too graphic, what is the strangest request you’d had?

Rob: I had a guy that wanted me to tell him how "lucky he was" that I was letting him see me while I was doing.. "things".  But from talking to women with OF accounts it’s apparently not THAT weird of a request.

Daddy’s Digest: What has been the most challenging aspect? Have you had any negative experiences thus far?

Rob: The biggest challenge for me has been coming up with fresh content ideas.  I used to post a lot of “sexy” pics on Twitter.  Posting a sexy pic here and there on Twitter is one thing, but trying to come up with new poses or video ideas is pretty difficult.  I think that in that aspect of it women have it a lot easier than men.  They have lingerie and sexy outfits that they can dress up in.  Guys really don’t have that.  I did a series of photos in a suit and that got a pretty decent response.  Then I had an idea to recreate the “Risky Business” dance, I thought it would be funny and it got nearly zero fan engagement.  So sometimes its hit and miss. 

My girlfriend has her own OF page and we’ve talked about starting a couple’s account because people like watching couples.  

Its way more work than I thought it would be.  It’s one of those things where maybe you don’t feel sexy every day and it’s hard to try to produce something to post.

Daddy’s Digest: Do you have any advice for those looking to start their own page?

Rob: As I mentioned previously, it’s a lot more work than one would think.  I can be a lot of fun and you get to interact with a lot of cool people, but it can definitely be a challenge.

At Daddy's Digest, part of what we do is explore how Dads are able to show up as their best selves. By learning about how families work, the ways in which people make money, we are not condoning using a site like OnlyFans, but instead helping dads understand what is truly involved. What is healthy for each family unit is something that requires honest and often difficult conversations.  

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