I love a good family tradition. As our kids get older, I hope to set a tradition of “Taco Tuesday”. I want to go skating and snowboarding every winter, I want to have a big summer adventure day every year. I want to make an all-season room where we can play charades together until well after bedtime.

We talked to the parents in our Parenting Lessons Published Group, and this is what we heard!

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Some shared memories of how their traditions started:

“When my daughter was little she couldn’t decide where she wanted to go for her birthday dinner, tough choice between pizza and burrito. So we decided to celebrate “birthdays eve” so she could have both. She loved it! Now we still do that for all of our birthdays” – Leeanna Golden Gantt, Tooktake

Some are all about the vacation traditions!

“We camp with a number of families from church every summer — six years and running 🙂 Everything else is just too chaotic.” – Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad Blogger

“With everything being hustled and bustled these days, getting away for a week each summer to Jackson Hole, WY and venturing into Yellowstone for a couple of days with no cell phone service so you can’t be bothered.” – Jason Jacobson 

…and of course, food traditions!

“Every Wednesday is donut day!” – Dale Grant, Twinzer

‘Birthday breakfasts are whatever you want. Cake? Sure! Cookies? Sure! My four year old showed up at daycare and announced “I had 6 cookies for breakfast!” I got the look of death from his caregiver.’ – Cathy Landolt, Blue Elephant

“We get A&W whenever we do yard work! 😂 it’s an easy way to get the kids excited about bagging leaves and pulling weeds while we have to mow the lawn. And to be honest after a morning or yard work none of us want to think about cooking 🧑‍🍳” – Marcela Killin

Some have traditions they are looking forward to (like me):

“We’d like to have a weekly board game night. We joke that we had a second kid just so we could have the perfect number of players!” – Rachael Deska

Traditions become memories!

Some people consider traditions to be a religious thing – like celebrating a specific holiday or singing a specific song in a religious venue. This article though is all about unique family traditions that become memories that only you and your family know about. It’s like a special secret for your little (or big) unit. Some of my favourite memories are making Halloween costumes with my family and going apple picking every fall.

What traditions do you have in your family? Please share in the comments!

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