In the gap between my daughter finishing up at nursery daycare centre to beginning at the nursery of her new school in September, I’ve taken a week off to spend with her. This was a good opportunity to spend some good quality prolonged time together, as opposed to the usual juggle of nursery pick up, evening routine and then repeat.

Not wanting to waste the time, I packed the week full of activities. We’ve been (among other things) to pottery painting, soft play, seen Zog the musical, done a nature walk. We’re also soon off for a couple of days for a country break. Or at least these are the highlights that I’m focusing on.

What’s the best thing you’ve done all day?

After a particularly jam packed action day, I asked my daughter what’s been your favourite thing. She jumped forward, gave me a massive cuddle and said “I played with daddy so much!”.

I couldn’t have asked for a better response. Aside from all the activities we’ve also been at home, working our way through books and toys, laughing away as we do most days generally. Since she was born, I have been making a conscious effort to carve out, prioritize and protect good family time. This hasn’t always been easy – there’s been judgement, hard decisions to make and sacrifices elsewhere.

Kids tell you the truth (good or bad)!

However, hearing the words from my daughter as to what makes her happy and what she values has really given me a sense of validation that seems to have put many other things in perspective.

Obviously, the less welcome statement came when I was walking with her on my shoulders, and I heard a little voice say “Daddy, has your hair run out?”. Not quite the endorsement I was after there…!

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Written by Kamal Aggarwall

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