When we heard from Luca and his family, we knew we wanted to share his message of hope with the DD Community. Though Luca is only 17, his determination and intention setting behind this goal is worth sharing. We hope it inspires you and if you want to get involved, there is a link to his fundraiser. So without further ado, here are some of Luca's words behind his bike-riding goal! 

"My Birthday Wish:

On July 8th, 2021, I turn 18. I want to mark my transition into adulthood with purpose and meaning. I’m determined to show what our human bodies are capable of, and what is possible with imagination, determination and passion. With these principles in mind, the idea of a bike trip with one of my best friends, Forest, came to fruition. 

Growing up, the greatest blessing that my family has provided me is reverence for the great outdoors. It was in my backyard, among pine trees and dirt where I discovered mountain biking, which has been my greatest medicine. As I ride, I see little reflection of myself, as a person of color, in the people I encounter on the trails. This is because, historically, outdoor spaces have been white-dominated. This has caused me to often feel like an outsider, which leads me to my intentions for this trip: 

Intentions for my trip:

1. The trees, the clean air, and the whispers of wildlife tell me the truth: all are welcome.  Making this ride visible helps spread this truth.  If I can show even a few children of color that they belong in the outdoors, my trip will be worth it. 

2. I would like my big adventure to inspire these children to be unapologetic about dreaming big and making it happen. I aim to empower them to lean into what might be possible when we push through our own limiting beliefs and those imposed on us by societal norms.  

The Ride:

We will leave on June 7th, 2021, and ride from my home in Berkeley, California to the glaciers of the Canadian Rockies, and then back home. The trip will take 60 days and span roughly 3000 miles. I am shooting to return in mid-August, right before the start of my senior year.  But why is our final destination the glaciers?

The glaciers are a clear symbol of the catastrophic effects of climate change, as they melting at alarming rates. We want to ride to the glaciers to see them before their inevitable demise. This journey is my way to show my gratitude and bring awareness to climate change, and how we cannot let the invaluable gifts nature has to offer be destroyed. I am committed to dedicating my future to the conservation of the earth, the use of renewable energy, and creating inclusion in the outdoor spaces.

So I ride with these passions and I request your support. This isn't a trek I can do alone, so I would deeply appreciate anyone who would support my journey." 

Click here to support Luca's journey!

Thanks to Luca and his family for reaching out and giving us permission to post about his story. 

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Written by Luca Iribarren & Daddy's Digest

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