What are fertility apps?

Fertility apps work by tracking women’s cycles and providing data about their fertility. The information collected can be used to support birth control and prevent pregnancy. Some couples instead use fertility data to help them to conceive. Fertility apps have gained popularity over the last several years and there are many different options to choose from.

With the use of these fertility apps, you can support your partner to gain a deeper understanding of her reproductive health. In the process, you can help yourself to gain this understanding too. Whether you are looking to avoid pregnancy or try for a baby, fertility data is very useful for couples.

1 . Kindara

Kindara helps women to understand their bodies, their menstrual cycle and reproductive health. The app helps users to track their fertility using science, education and detailed charts. Kindara is suitable as an ovulation tracker and can also be used as natural birth control.

The app lets women know which days they are fertile so that couples can use protection or avoid intercourse on these days. If you are trying for a baby, the fertile days indicate when you should be having intercourse, for the best chances of conceiving. Fertility data can also help women’s healthcare providers to assess cases of infertility. With the fertility charts, women can record fertility signs, including basal body temperature, cervical position, period, sexual intercourse and more.

2. Clue

The Clue application is a fertility tracker and ovulation app. The app can accurately predict menstruation and help women and their partners to understand fertility symptoms. The Clue app offers 30+ monitoring categories to offer a detailed picture of fertility and reproductive health. The female body displays many different fertility signs, and Clue can help you can your partner to learn all about these. Clue can be used to track birth control or support couples who are keen to get pregnant. Users can integrate Clue with other useful tools such as Healthkit.

3. Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles is a ‘hormone-free contraceptive app’. The application identifies ovulation using basal body temperature and is said to be ‘93% effective under typical use’. To put that figure into perspective, the birth control pill is 91% effective with typical use and above 99% effective with perfect use. Many women and couples prefer to avoid taking contraceptive pills, and this app offers a natural birth control option. Natural Cycles detects and predicts ovulation and offers data on the fertile phase. Using this info couples can judge when they should use protection. Natural Cycles is FDA cleared, CE marked and supported by scientific research.

4. Glow Fertility

Glow Fertility is one of the top ovulation tracking apps available, it’s free and simple to use. Women will find that the data becomes more accurate the more that they use it. The app is suitable for both couples looking for natural birth control and couples looking to conceive. Glow Fertility can be used in both of these different ways, depending on your needs. The app offers partner support, community support, personalised health insights and reminders for other methods of contraception. The Glow Fertility App works in partnership with top fertility clinics including Shady Grove Fertility, Boston IVF and RMA NY. According to Glow, ‘Couples who use our ovulation tracker (to conceive) are 40 % more likely to get pregnant.’

5. Mia Fem

Using the MIA app women can assess their chances of becoming pregnant, monitor their cycle, fertility and period. MIA Fem does not claim to be a method of contraception however it does provide data that can support birth control. The MIA app lets women know when they are experiencing high fertility, and these details can be used to plan your sex life. The best thing about the MIA app is that users can access plenty of expert articles written by family psychologists and gynecologists.

6. MyPatch

The MyPatch app was created specifically for women using the contraceptive patch as a birth control method. The MyPatch app makes it simple to organize contraception. Users can receive guidance on when to attach a patch, remove it, or switch it. Features of the app include reminder messages and contraceptive history data. There’s also a premium version of the app which is called ‘MyPatch Pro’. This version is also designed to help women chart their cycles.

7. Paloma

The Paloma App helps individuals and couples to estimate the optimal fertility window .It’s particularly useful for women who have an irregular cycle. The Paloma app offers graphs, tracks symptoms, and identifies trends. All of the data provided can be useful to discuss with a healthcare provider. Using Paloma, women can easily track their periods and couples can use the information to abstain or engage in sexual intercourse.

8. Flo

Flo is a self-proclaimed ‘reliable pregnancy calendar’. The app tracks women’s periods and ovulation and is suitable for regular or irregular cycles. Users can also rely on the app to set reminders for other birth control methods. Using Flo predictions, couples can gain a better understanding of their chances of pregnancy.

Discussing your needs as a couple

All of these apps help women to learn to identify and track fertility symptoms. Couples can then use this knowledge to make informed decisions about their sex life. Conception is not easy for every couple, it can be useful to use support tools like these, to identify when conception is most likely.

Many individuals and couples use fertility tracking as a natural form of contraception. With fertility information, they know when to use protection or abstain. Birth control apps are popular because they can act as an alternative to contraceptive pills. If hormone-based contraception is not right for you and your partner, a vasectomy removes the need for contraceptive pills. For those wondering more about Vascectomies, the Marie Stopes family planning clinic offers more information. No matter which form of contraception you use, it’s important to sit down as a couple and discuss your options.

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