Tell us about your work!

I work in technology investment banking advising technology companies on raising capital, selling their business or going public.

Why did you start to work at your company?

I joined my current company in April of 2019 but have been in the sector since 2008.

Tell us about your family! 

I am married to an incredible woman, Lauren, and we have two wonderful girls. Adeline is aged 4.5 and Emerson aged two. We also have a golden retriever named Charlie.

What was the hardest thing about becoming a dad? 

No matter how prepared you think you are, how much you love kids, how many resources you have around you, nothing can prepare you completely for the impact a child will have on your life. Everyone thinks they are busy but it hits a whole new level when you have a child. Trying to find time to still do everything for work, your personal life, your well being, connecting with your spouse, all while fitting in time to connect fully with your children is a constant struggle. There just are not enough hours in the day.

Has being a dad impacted your career? How? 

It has not significantly impacted my career. My wife is able to stay home with the girls and work part time… If anything, it has made me a more efficient and empathetic employee.

What's one thing you've learned from your children? 

Always take time to slow down, sit down with them and immerse yourself in their world. The insights and perspectives they have on the world never cease to amaze me and you can never get the time with them back that you skip.

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