Tell us about your company / your work
PolicyMe is digital life insurance platform. Our mission is to deliver simplified and honest financial protection, so every family is covered when they need it most.
Why did you start or decide to work at your company?
I decided to start the company as I was looking for a way to maximize the impact of my work. I saw a significant gap in both the quality of life insurance advice that people were getting as well as the painful experience of actually applying for the product. I felt that I could build a platform to signficintaly improve on both these aspects and and have a major imaact in making sure that people were adequately protecting their families financially.
Tell us about your family! 
I have a wife (Rachel) and a 5 month old baby named Ace. My family is everything to me, and everything I do is to provide for them and protect them.
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What was the hardest thing about becoming a dad? 
The uncertainty and the fear of the unknown. Constantly being worried about the well-being and safety of my child.
Has being a dad impacted your career? How? *
The main reason someone buys life insurance is to protect the financial future of their children. While I've obviously always known that, I never fully understand what it meant and the emotions it creates. Being a father has allowed me to empathize much better with my customers and better relate to the purpose and mission of my company
What's one thing you've learned from your child/ children? 
I've learned how to truly put someone's well being ahead of my own.
How has being a dad made you a better leader? 
It's certainly given me a different perspective on what's important. It's helped me more patient and understanding with different situations and employees. It's also helped be more efficient with my time, and focus only on the things that truly matter
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