Tell us about your company / your work:

I work for one of the largest medical equipment providers in the United States, Adapthealth (We are known as Healthline in Texas). We provide various types of medical equipment to patients and the specialty niche I work with is in the respiratory space. During the Covid situation last year, we were able to help hospitals and patients by providing oxygen and other equipment as needed.

Why did you start to work at your company? 

I am trained as a physician and moved into the sales and marketing space many years ago. I worked with many manufacturers of medical equipment, but I wanted to get closer to the patient, where I felt I could make a stronger impact on patient lives. I wanted to be part of a group that could help improve patient outcomes while reducing costs to the healthcare system. Healthline was a great fit for me. I am very happy to be part of the Adapthealth/ Healthline family.

Tell us about your family! 

I am part of a fantastic family. I'm married to an amazing lady, who is both beautiful and super intelligent. I met my wife over 25 years ago. She's a former model and a make up artist. (You know I'm a sales guy if you saw her!) We've been married for over 20 years now. I'm also a proud father of twin boys. They graduated from high school this year and will be attending university for engineering this fall. As a family, we love to travel, try out different foods, play musical instruments and sing, and have family game nights. I truly enjoy time with my family.

What was the hardest thing about becoming a dad? 

My children inspire me. They are the reason I want to be a better person each and every day. For me the hardest thing about becoming a dad was to become the dad I think I ought to be. I wake up every day with the intention to be dad I think THEY think that I am.

Has being a dad impacted your career? How? 

I am currently a director at the organization I am with and I am very grateful for my position. Throughout the years, I had many opportunities to grow in different organizations. I chose to reject those opportunities in order to have more time with my family- whether it was to move to another part of the country or take up a job that required more time away from the family. Though it may have caused a slow down in my career growth, it created a huge equity in my stake in my family. I am happy to say I have been there for my kids where it counted and I am very happy with my trajectory in my career.

What's one thing you've learned from your child/ children? 

Once, when my boys were toddlers, I punished one of them for something. I realized I made a mistake and apologized to my son. He told me, "That's all right Dadda. Sometimes, adults make mistakes." My kids have helped me realize that I am not superhuman and I can make mistakes. They have also helped me learn that I can get better at things, just as they have done. They have also helped me learn the power of patience and forgiveness.

How has being a dad made you a better/ different leader? 

My kids have helped me understand the importance of taking time to understand. I currently have a team of sales people that report to me. When they have issues, I stop to listen and try to understand their issues. I have learned this directly from my boys. I also know that "sometimes adults make mistakes''. This statement helped allows me to acknowledge my shortcomings to my teams and myself. Being a dad has helped me know myself better. This has helped me become a better leader every day.

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Written by Gerald George Mannikarote

Gerald George Mannikarote

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