Tell us about your company!

eRational partners with awe.some* businesses to implement proven, agile growth strategies – all to fuel your team’s dreams. And, when we say partner, we mean a true strategic partnership (instead of pre-packaged promises or one-size-fits-all solutions). If you have high-growth potential, we’ll even guarantee your investment. Our team will equip you with the People, Processes & Technology you need to accelerate your growth at all stages. We’re constantly testing new approaches so we can double-down on what’s working now, “fail fast,” share insights & data with partners, and pivot to alternative solutions with confidence.

Why did you start your company? 

I started a business in 2014 called Linked Into Leads (a LinkedIn lead generation agency) and sold that business to eRational in Oct 2019. With that deal, I became a partner in eRational and shareholder in the parent company (Republix). in my role as Head of Growth, I'm directly responsible for the marketing and sales strategy to drive growth for our company. I am passionate about this work because I know that most businesses don't have predictable growth and by partnering with them, we are able to make that a reality for them.

Tell us about your family! 

I have been with my wife for 11 year (and married for 6 years). My wife and I tried to have kids together and unfortunately experienced 2 pre-term losses (one at 19 weeks and the other at 22 weeks + 1 day). After our second loss, we rescued a dog (Fynn – truly a blessing) and we turned to surrogacy and embarked on the long journey of in vitro treatments to have our 2 sons. Our first son (Logan) was born 6 weeks early and our second son (Bodhi) was born 16 weeks early. In fact, Bodhi was only 4 days older that our last loss and weight just over 1 pound when born.

What was the hardest thing about becoming a dad? 

Considering the challenges we faced in simply having kids, the hardest part about becoming a Dad was waiting for it to happen! There were a long 3 years between starting to try to have kids (in 2014) to actually having our first son on Jan 1, 2017. As I've shared before, I truly felt like I wasn't ready to be a Dad before it happened. But, as soon as I saw my son and held him for the first time, I knew I'd figure it out…whatever that meant 🙂

Has being a dad impacted your career? How? 

Becoming a Dad has dramatically impacted my career. Honestly, I feel like I was constantly "hustling" to learn more, do more and make more before we had our first son. Once he was born, I knew that I had to work "smarter". There was no way I could put in the 12-14 hour days and work late into the night. I needed to (and wanted to) be present for my son and supportive to my wife as our son(s) grow up. Becoming a Dad has also allowed me to put everything in perspective. Every time I feel like I've had a bad day, it's always quickly replaced with gratitude when I come home from work (aka…walk upstairs from the home office) and hear my boys scream out "Daddy!!!!". There is nothing better.

What's one thing you've learned from your children? 

Patience – I am constantly reminding myself that my kids are curiously exploring this world and "pushing boundaries" on what they can get away with. 🙂 Being patient with my kids has made me a better leader of other people (staff, vendors and clients). With kids, they wear their emotions on their sleeves. In the business world, I find the more patient I am in listening and understanding their perspective, the more they will open up to me and tell me the REAL truth (so we can find solutions to challenges/problems).

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Written by Trevor Turnbull

Image provided by Trevor Turnbull

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