Kids can easily get bored on a long car journey – and if they’re not enjoying themselves you can be certain that you won’t be having any fun either. Here are just a few ways in which you can keep kids entertained on a long journey.

Bring a tablet

Tablets are great devices for keeping kids entertained. They can be used to stream movies, play games or even do digital drawings. Make some time before the journey to download movies or games. It could be worth buying a portable charger or a car charger to keep the tablet from running out of juice.

Buy some puzzle books

If you don’t want your kids staring at a screen for the entire journey, you could also consider bringing some puzzle books. Young kids may only be interested in basic puzzles or colouring books, while older kids may appreciate crossword books or sudokus. You can shop for these books online.

Play family car games

There are lots of games that you can play in the car such as I-Spy to help pass the time. The whole family can take part in these games. Here are just a few car games for inspiration.

Play audiobooks

You could also consider playing an audiobook for the kids to listen to. This could be a popular kids’ novel such as the Harry Potter series. This could even be downloaded onto a tablet for your kids to listen to on their headphones if you’d prefer a little quiet time.

Let them play navigator

Another fun way to occupy your kids could be to give them a map and get them to work out where you are. You probably don’t want to trust young kids with working out the route, however it could still be a fun game (it could also stop your kids asking ‘are we there yet?’ as they’ll be able to see how far away you are on the map).

Keep a supply of snacks

Bring some snacks for the journey. It’s probably best that you keep guard of these so that you can limit how many snacks your they eat. Chocolate may not be ideal… who wants to deal with a sugar rush, and you may want to avoid too much juice or soda as it could mean more bathroom stops.

Take regular breaks

Stopping every few hours is important for giving kids a chance to use the bathroom as well as a change of environment to prevent them getting bored. If you’re travelling for a couple days, you may even be able to schedule small attractions along the way.

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