There are certain movies and TV shows that will always be relevant in media today. They are timeless and have had a huge impact on the movies being released today. These are movies and shows you may have already watched, but that does not mean you cannot watch them again with the ones you love. If you haven’t watched these shows before, we can assure you that you will not regret watching them.

Now let us get into some of these classics!


  1. Doctor Who 

Doctor Who is about an individual called the Doctor, an extraterrestrial being who seems to have human characterisitcs. The Doctor goes through the universe in a time travelling space ship. This show has a large following, and is a huge part of British popular culture. It even has a place in the Guinnesss World Records! That is just how good of a show it is.

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  1. The Twilight Zone 

The Twiglight Zone is a show consisting of different movie genres and does not follow a particular order. Each episode has a different story and usually ends with a form of twist and a moral. If you have watched Black Mirror before, this is essentially the same plot but made decades ago. It is a show to get you thinking and is very interesting. If you love sci-fi and fantasy then you have to give this show a go.

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  1. The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy was a favorite for a lot of people in the Wizard of Oz. The show captures a young girl who is transported into a fantasy land and meets three unusual companions along the way. She is faced with troubles along the way and has to find her way back home. This is truly a classic movie and one that was well made. It opened the doors to several other fantasy movies that are present today.

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  1. The Little Rascals 

This is somewhat a children’s love story. It is full of comedy and young love, and you can’t help but root for the young kids to fall in love. If you love kids (like we do!), then this is a show that is bound to have you smiling and tearing up. 

If you are rooting for Alfafa and Darla, you will love this t-shirt!


  1. Columbo

Columbo is a crime frama series starring a homicide detective who goes by the name Columbo. He solves homicide cases where the culprits are usually the rich and affluent in society. 

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