There is something always different about movies made decades ago. From the plot to the fashion, to the camera quality and cast, movies and tv shows have truly evolved. However, by evolved I do not mean have become better. There are shows which were made decades ago that are very good and will hold up against some of the movies being produced in media today. 

Today, we want to give you a treat by taking you back in time to some of the best movies and tv shows from the 70s. This is an opportunity to see how media was back in the day and enjoy some good content by yourself or with your friends and family! 

Let’s get started!


1. The Godfather (1972)

The Godfather is often dubbed as the one of the greatest movies of all time. This movie is based on a powerful Italian-American family known for crime. The youngest son is forced to join the family business and is involved in a life of crime. Although he tries to make time for the people he loves, he is drawn deeper into family affairs. 


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2. Star Wars (1977)

The 70s was the beginning of one of the most amazing movie franchises- Star Wars. If you are not a Star Wars fan or haven’t watched one movie, you have probably still heard of it. This movie has a large fan base and has events often to patronise the greatness of this movie. This movie is about the adventures of humans, aliens and robots who coexist in space. If you haven’t watched Star Wars now is your time!


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3. M*A*S*H (1972)

This is not to be confused with the M*A*S*H film. This is a series which was adapted from the movie M*A*S*H. If you are a lover of action and comedy, this is a good series to start with. M*A*S*H is about people in the United States army battling in the Korean War. If you were wondering what M*A*S*H stood for it means Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.


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4. Happy Days (1974)

Take a dive back into adolescence with Happy Days. Happy Days is a series focused on the Cunningham family, specifically teenage Richie Cunningham. This show is a sitcom, so if you are the type to sit down and have a laugh this is definitely a show you should consider watching. 


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5. The Brady Bunch (1969)

The Brady Bunch was a popular show in the 70s due its lovable characters, funny moments and interesting plot. The show is about Mike Brady, a man with three sons, and Carol, a woman with three daughters, who get married and live together. The show revolves around how they adjust living together as a big family and problems the children face. 

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