If you are looking for a gift for a male figure in your life, we have got you covered. Whether this is a gift for your father, a new dad, an expecting dad, or any dad that you want to make feel special, we have some amazing ideas for you to make them feel appreciated. You do not have to wait till a special day like Father’s Day to show them that you are thinking of them. Be spontaneous! Get them something out of the blue, on their birthdays, or after they achieve a goal. They will appreciate the gesture. 


Not sure what to get them? We have got you covered with some of the best tech items that will put a smile on their face!


  1. Apple Air Tag

An Apple Air Tag is a lifesaver! If you lose items frequently, with the Apple Airt Tag you are bound to get your item back. The tag has a tracker which allows you to track whatever you place it in. Most people use the Apple Air Tag to keep track of their keys in case they lose them. This is a gift you don’t think you would need but comes in very handy!

Check out the Apple Air Tag.


  1. Bose Earbuds

This is a thoughtful gift for someone who loves to listen to music or is an active audiobook listener. These Bose earbuds look very stylish and will definitely get the attention of others due to its sleek black design. These are wireless earbuds and connect through bluetooth to a device. The noise cancellation feature and easy fit in the ear makes this a perfect gift!

Check out the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds.


  1. Baby monitor 

A baby monitor is a crucial gadget for a family with a newborn or an expecting family. They will always be able to keep an eye on their child even if they are not in the same room. The camera quality on this is 1080p, meaning the camera quality is very amazing! You can soothe your baby through the speakers on the device. Parents are attached to their newborns, and gifting them a baby monitor allows them to always be by their child.

If you are interested, check out the Owlet Cam Smart Video Baby Monitor.


  1. LED Light Strip

These light strips are bound to make any room look 10x cooler than it is. Get this gift to someone who is looking to redecorate their space to make it more lively. These light strips connect to your phone and can be controlled through an app. Set the mood right with different colors and different flash settings!

Check out the Full Colour Smart LED Light Strip.


  1. Powerbank

Powerbanks are lifesavers when you are someone who is always on the go. You can keep your phone charged when the battery runs low and do not have to worry about your phone dying. This is the perfect gift for a dad who is always on the move and uses their phone a lot. 

Check out this Insignia powerbank.


Not seeing what you're hoping for? Check out our other holiday guides or go browse Best Buy for more great ideas!


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