New parents- there is nothing like some unsolicited feedback from real parents to help you know what to really expect Let’s get real – it’s intense, magical and the best / hardest thing you’ll ever do!

Brandon J. gets real about the way parenting works:

“Raising a baby isn’t a 50/50 proposition. It’s 100/100”

Jessica C., mom of twin boys advice:

Dad: if you’re available and present, you’re not useless even if you can’t “do” as much in the early days. Your presence and attentive care is much appreciated!

Mom: if nature is doing it’s job, you’ll be pumped full of hormones making baby the most delicious snack to sacrifice for. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, you’re the cornerstone of a happy family and model for your baby for how to be whole

Rob, dad of 3 suggests:

“All the people giving bad advice

Leeanna‘s advice is all about trusting your instincts!

“For mom and dad both. Trust your instincts about your kid. Just because “all the other kids are….” doesn’t mean you should push your kid to do the same or expect them to do the same, support them in what they want and like to do.”

Rachelle talks about the speed of the change:

“Becoming a mother will change you inside and out. Do it your way, call on your people and stick to the pace that works for you and your little human. Some days will feel endless and others will feel too fast. Pause and take in those little moments in between in the chaos.

Kevin recommends getting on the same page

Get on the same page, with everything! Whether you agree or disagree, be a united front and have each other’s back.

Get clear on each other’s knowledge, where they’re at, what you’re feeling, challenges, non-negotiables, etc.

Be teammates not enemies”

Michelle suggest having empathy!

“(A tip for both) Empathy for your partner. You’re both tired, overwhelmed and unsure of your actions”

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