If you’re like many men (and women) out there, you might have taken the moment that you exchange your vows with your life partner, to mean an exit from the dating world – hopefully for good.

Well, this is very true considering that you will be directing most of your attention, focus, financial muscle, and everything you’ve got towards building your marriage and growing your family.

But there’s a reason compelling enough to keep it this way to the rest of the world, not necessarily your wife. Apparently, dating can have numerous benefits for married couples. Guys, keep reading to find out why, and how to properly date your wife in the guide below.

Why You Should Date Your Wife 

Yes, things change as a marriage grows, responsibilities increase, and obligations balloon over time. However, this evolution doesn’t necessarily have to overshadow the good times you and your partner used to have before you tied the knot.

The commonly overlooked date nights, lunch dates, and weekend outings could actually be more beneficial to your marriage than before. They could be key to fostering a healthy relationship amidst all sorts of challenges that people face in marriage.

Besides just having fun and spending ample time together, a date with your wife creates an opportunity to bond and even talk about issues that could be ailing your relationship. You can do it from your home, but doing so in public allows both of you to speak freely, de-stress, reconnect, be proud of each other, and appreciate each other.

Tips for Guys on Dating Your Wife 

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1. Flatter Her with Fresh Blooms Often 

Whenever flowers and wife are mentioned together in a sentence, most men think about specific dates and days like February fourteenth, her birthday, Mother’s Day, and the like. But as boys will be boys, women will always be women, and their love for flowers never shrinks an inch.

Whether you’re planning to go on a date or you’ve been away for a few days at work, a gorgeous bouquet of tulips or roses from hubby can go a long way in reminding her of your first few real dates. It doesn’t even have to be on her special day. You can always accompany it with a simple note saying “I Love you Honey”, “Kisses” or “From Hubby”.

The best part is there’s a diverse range of flowers to pick from depending on what you want to communicate to her without words or before uttering them. For instance, sunflowers, white tulips, blue hyacinths, and pink roses can be a great way to say I’m sorry.

2. Set up a Candle-Lit Dinner At Home 

Hey, a date night with your spouse doesn’t really have to be all that fancy and budget-intensive. After all, your wife already knows you well, perhaps even better than you can ever imagine. A well-planned candle-lit dinner date can be a great way to remind her just how much she means to you.

You can order food from outside or cook dinner yourself while the kids are in bed. Set the table romantically, with candles lit and perhaps some really dim lighting. Don’t forget to include some flowers and perhaps the best wine you guys have ever shared in your plans.

3. Try Something You Don’t Like, But She Does

Women love being made to feel special, nothing more, nothing less. Most of the time, women are very proud of the things that make them feel good and special. So, if she knows that you’re willing to try new things with her, she’ll be even more proud of her own self when you do it.

No, you don’t have to kiss the invisible picture on the snow globe. But if you find something that you dislike, let’s say yoga, and your spouse is passionate about it, it could mean the world to her if you put your own preferences aside for a minute and appreciate it or engage in it together.

4. Plan a Trip Together 

Have you ever planned a trip with your wife on the morning of a weekend and seen her so glad that she practically snogged you? If you haven’t, you could be missing out on a lot. This kind of emotional reaction is such an amazing feeling to watch.

Planning a trip with your wife is an opportunity to engage, have fun, and learn new things about each other. There’s also a chance to rekindle the spark in your relationship as you bond over an adventure and create memories together.

5. Always Create Enough Time for Her 

Unlike women, men generally take a lot of things for granted. For instance, you could easily lose track of how much time you spend together each week. You may even forget your anniversary and come up with excuses like, “I was busy” trying to make a good life for our family.

Genuine or fabricated, she won’t see it that way… not in this world! Certainly not until you get out of your way and postpone some of your important meetings to spend time with her. Creating enough time for your wife is the best way to remind her that you don’t take her for granted. Make it genuine rather than fabricating it!

Point in case; you may never truly be a master of your own wife, let alone women in general. But for the one who makes your world revolve, there are at least a few things you can do to keep her and yourself happy. The above is just a scoop in the bag of ways to make dates with your wife meaningful and why you should do it.

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Written by Claire Jane Ward

Claire Jane Ward is an experienced lifestyle and marketing writer with a passion for creating insightful and engaging content that's easy to digest. Occasionally she spends her time playing with her cat while listening to her favorite podcasts.

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