Children are truly a blessing to have. If you have children or want children then you know there is a lot you have to do to ensure that they are comfortable. Whether it is cooking their favorite meal, getting their favorite toys, or taking them or trips, you have to make sure they are always happy. It is a joy to see them happy because it means you are doing something right, and as a parent, you also get second-hand happiness from seeing them happy. 


However, aside from the obvious tasks we as parents provide for our kids, it is sometimes not enough. Do not get me wrong, providing them with a home, food, education amongst others is crucial for their development. These are however not the only things you can provide for your kids. Remember, you can do a whole lot than providing them with physical items. Being a parent means being able to do things for your kids beyond materialistic items.


Here are a few things you can provide for your kids, which are beyond the obvious:


  1. Boost their self-esteem 

During the early stages of development, kids tend to absorb things they absorb around the home. This means how you talk to them, interact with them and the people around you, they observe and implement it in their lives. If you want to provide your child with high self-esteem so their confident no matter where they find themselves, shower them with praises. Even for little things like picking their plates to the kitchen sink, sing small praises for them. Try and praise other people in the house every now and then, especially when your kid is around, so they can be comfortable around you. Choose your words wisely and do not break down their confidence. 


  1. Make them feel seen 

Most kids strive to please their parents, so they may try and accomplish tasks to feel seen and receive praises by their parents. Whether it is helping you around the house, or a sudden increase in their grades at school, or accomplishing something in sports, make them know you are seeing what they do. Making them feel seen allows for them to strive for greater things because they feel as though you care, and now have more of an incentive to continue to succeed. 


  1. Give them a sense of purpose 

The world is a confusing place, but knowing what you are meant to do can help put things into perspective. Giving your kids a sense of purpose is something that could help them in the long run. For example, if you care about giving back to the community, involve your kids in your charity cases. Whether it is donating toys to an orphanage, or cleaning the community, involve them in these kinds of activities. They will grow up with this sense of purpose and will try to continue this lifestyle as they grow up. Having a sense of purpose bring fulfillment, and this is something you will be providing your kids with!

Some of these may seem little as compared to providing your kids with a home, food, or education. But believe me when I say these are the things that your kids will remember as they grow up. They will remember what drives their purpose, they will remember you boosting their self-esteem, and they will thank you for making them feel seen.


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