1. Tell us about yourself and your kids 

My name is Stephen Kluserits (Clue-sir-its) I’m a 40 something father of two. I was born and raised in Calgary Alberta (Canada) where I live still.  I’m married to a beautiful and talented woman named Stefanie. My daughters name is Adeline she is eight years old and she is sensitive, intelligent and a little bit wild. My son is Bennett and he is 5. He is charming, funny, and mischievous.

2. Why did you decide to write this book?

It dawned on me early in my parenting career the awesome responsibility that we have as parents. It also dawned on me that so often we make parenting about ourselves and our needs. As a result, kids are often made to endure some heart breaking situations. I wanted to deliberately challenge some of the conventional “parenting wisdom” that I was faced with. I often hear parents say “I did X with my kids and they turned out fine..” Fine is not what I’m aiming for.

What I’m aiming for is to help my kids become capable, accountable, and confident all while making them self aware. I believe that so often we are TOLD what to think and what to feel in stead of being taught HOW to think and feel. I believe that self awareness lies in your ability to acknowledge, accept, and understand your inner world. I think if we can attain this for our selves then we are better poised to understand our own experience and become capable, accountable and confident.

3. What’s one thing you want new dads to know?

That there is only one variable to parenting. Your kids are going to act up and act out. They may have special or exceptional needs. The only variable how you respond. You have a choice in your reaction so decide what kind of dad you want to be and decide what kind of kids you’d like to raise.

4. What’s something you’ve learned about yourself through fatherhood?

That by being aware of my thoughts and emotions, I can create deliberate calm. My blog, Happy Dadding really helped me to achieve this. This gives me the capacity to help my children navigate their own experience. 

5. What sport or game did you love the most as a kid, and now the most as an adult? 

I really enjoyed basketball although I haven’t played in years. I love fishing and cycling. Skiing is something I enjoyed as a kid and want to share with my kids one day.

6. Why are games important to you? 

I think games in any form, from sports to board games offer fantastic family connection, physical activity and important life lessons.  This love of games and sports is what became the inspiration for my book – Beat Your Kids (at sports/games) and advice for dads

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Written by Stephen Kluserits

Stephen Kluserits is the Author of Beat Your Kids (at sports,games,etc) and Other Advice for Dads.