Twas the night before my vasectomy and all through the house…

You could hear my balls screaming!

Tomorrow I have my appointment to get neutered and wanted to update you on how I’m feeling before I have the procedure. I have previously written about my decision to have a vasectomy and about the consultation I had a few months ago.

The decision to stifle Ronnie and Reggie’s baby-making power was an easy one. We have two children, and we only wanted two. Believe me non-parents, two is more than enough!

My appointment is at 9:50 am tomorrow. We can get the school run out of the way and head into town for it. The Mrs has to come with me as I’m not allowed to drive home on my own.

Don’t worry, I won’t Facebook live it!


I have two main things to do before going for this life-altering operation.

1. Buy some briefs (so I can feel like a five-year-old I guess or an 80-year-old). They also have to be as tight as possible to keep the boys secure. This is starting to feel like it’s going to be uber uncomfortable.

2. Wet shave my “area”. This should be fun. I’m not saying anymore.

Nerves, what nerves?

As I write this, I’m not nervous, but then someone isn’t about to rip my nads out right now. I may be exaggerating there slightly. It might be tomorrow before the actual chop, but at the moment, I’m more excited about the possibility of not having any more children LOL.

I’ll write a post tomorrow after I go through with the procedure to let you all know what the happy haps is with Bill and Ben and how the procedure went.

Tonight in bed, I’ll probably be thinking quite a bit about what it’s going to be like, but I’ve got the following small playlist to calm any nerves that might arise…

Do you really want to hurt me? – Culture Club
The first cut is the deepest – Cheryl Crow
Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus
Great balls of fire – Jerry Lee Lewis

Part 4 to come!

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