Changing jobs, again.

In my short four years of practicing natural medicine I have belonged to four different clinics, each of them bringing something completely different to the table than the other. I was laid off from two of them and technically for financial reasons on their end but was this true or did I not fit the bill like they thought during my interview?

Lay-offs are awful!

I will never really know but what I have learned is that lay-offs are awful. I sometimes think I wish I was fired so at least I knew I did something to deserve it. Instead, I lost friends, lost our single income for our young family and a LOT of self-esteem all for “sorry, we can’t afford to pay you and the market isn’t taking to this type of medicine”.

Private Care in Canada – Not Usually a Line Up

Makes me wonder why I lost friends out of the deal. I am still left with a lingering anxiety when I drive near the clinic.  It’s not as easy as “just get another job”.  As a doctor, my income depends on patients, and patients usually don’t line up to get private care in Canada. Why do that when you can get 8 minutes of totally “free” time with a conventional medical doctor right? So every time I move a practice,

Starting from Scratch Again – I can do it.

I have to start from scratch. The emotional toll I have taken from leaving all those places is hard and really hits me as responsibility is a core principle that runs deep within me. This all happened was intertwined with our physical moves of our homes and a pandemic. I am still recovering mentally/emotionally from those lay-offs almost 3 yrs later.  

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Written by Dr. Rory Gibbons