How did you feel about the idea of going when you started?

In 2018, went to a licensed therapist for the first time. Been doing inner work, and spiritual work since 2013. I was willing to do anything to become my best self, and understand the WHY of who I was.

How did fatherhood impact your mental health journey?*

I vowed to not pass on my wounds, fears, and insecurities to my children.

What advice do you have for other dads about going to therapy or asking for help?

It’s the most important and beneficial thing you can do. Even just reaching out, makes all the difference (If you remember it)

What was your first therapy session like? Describe it for other dads (let’s reduce stigma!)

It was an eye opener, bring that it revealed a major insight as to my fatherhood wound, and how my childhood still affected my adult life.

Have you ever walked away from therapy with a big learning? Can you share it with us?

Yes, that I was like my mother, and married someone like my father. Yet I strived my whole life to not be like him, but ended up attracting someone with his personality traits…

Has therapy helped your parenting? Has therapy helped your relationships?

Not so much therapy, but more coaching, inner child healing, working on myself, and being a part of men’s groups.

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