A few months ago, the Daddy’s Digest team decided to try a new experiment. That experiment, like our readers fatherhood journey, is still in motion. Our hypothesis? Much like this publication we believe Dads want to have spaces where their voices can be heard. And that is what has made this experiment unique. We are not simply starting a dad group or a men’s group – it’s a chance to have your voice heard and then published on our platform. It’s a place to connect online and then, hopefully in person as well. We want to bring together non-profits and dads on a mission can come together and share their goals and opportunities for fathers everywhere.

It’s called The Dad Cave.

This is a group of hands-on Dad’s from across country sharing their stories and experiences. The Cave is a community lead by guest experts, thought leaders and also just normal, everyday dads (and occasionally moms). It is a place where we, at Daddy’s Digest, learn what is important to fathers, so we can change the narrative to reflect the many voices of fathers, not the few.

More than that, it’s a place where better mental health for fathers is what we’re aiming to help with.

Here’s the thing that people don’t talk about: Sometimes the most positive mental health related conversations are ones where we don’t actually talk about our mental health. The biggest progress is made in small moments of connection and release of pain. So many groups try to dive in deep so quickly and through trial and error, we are learning that what dads need the most is simple – it’s community.

The Dad Cave

Here’s what some of the dads are saying in the cave:

  • “It’s awesome to have these Dad’s to speak to and to hear from.”
  • “I appreciated the community aspect. It was out of my comfort zone initially, but I really did think it’s great and I can’t wait to see who else I meet.”
  • “This is fascinating to be a part of. It’s wonderful and intense; it’s truly groundbreaking and unseen anywhere else”.
Featuring Casey Palmer

What’s our goal?

We aim to have an event going on as many days of the week as we can. From casual drop-ins to discussions about parenting ups and downs, addiction, the best dads on TV and more. We partner with amazing corporate groups, charitable organizations, and individual dad coaches who already have amazing programs. We will feature dads from different walks of life.

So join us in The Dad Cave. We have amazing events coming up and always have a free trial option.

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