Two Dads Try Viome Health Gut Test (and Poop in a Tube!)

We have to poop in a tube?!
03 November, 2021 | DD Contributor
  • Two Dads Try Viome Health Gut Test (and Poop in a Tube!)

Two dads in the Daddy's Digest community are in the middle of an opportunity to try the VIOME Health Intelligence and Gut Health Tests.

First, we have Stuart Grodinsky. Stuart is a thirty-five year old dad of two - a 3.5 year old and a 6 month old - and describes himself as "average weight, but I ate McDonalds for lunch yesterday." On the other side, we have Giovanni Roselli, a former WWE and personal trainer who is forty-one and is living as healthfully as he can. Giovanni and Stu unbox the video together and are extremely excited to take on this health and wellness challenge (though less excited to poop in a tube?! and take their blood).

Join us with Stu and Gio as they unbox today, but then get their VIOME results back soon! 

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