Some of the Top Halloween Tweets

Okay, but really, we LOVE Halloween!
29 October, 2021 | DD Staff

Alright - whether you like, love or HATE Halloween, when you're a parent, it's hard to avoid Halloween. So here we are, on October 31, 2021 and it's time to at least crack a smile (and maybe a tooth!)

Where's your Halloween spirit dad? 



The Kid knows what she wants

Here's some Necco Wafers and some Wax Candy Bottles kids

Plus they don't know how good Reese's Cups are yet

We are Daddy's Digest and we approve this message

Who needs coffee?


Did you try "Fetch"? 

We're with dad on this one?

Time for payback as you start asking them every question that randomly pops in your head

Tat's about as scary as it gets


It's a great plan until Halloween rolls around and you forget where you hid it

They're surprisingly a-gourd-able too


That's a veteran trick or treat move

I'm sure you're gonna stick with this plan for the next 6 months

It's a little Avant Garde but we're okay with it

Good luck getting back to sleep after that one.

At least they're taking a stand on something? 


Yea, but if you pick the right one there are probably donuts.

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