Time To Make That Man Cave You Dreamed Of

12 October, 2020 | DD Contributor
  • Time To Make That Man Cave You Dreamed Of

Sometimes a man just needs to feel like a man, right? As a dad, life can be pretty stressful and it’s good to do some things just for you. Close the door, forget about your worries, sit on the throne and be the king of the castle. That is why the caves of man always existed, well actually cavemen. However, in our modern world with our modern apartments or houses full of accessories. Since ancient times, men have needed a sanctuary for themselves. The need for a place where they can delegate to their primordial state and enjoy the most things in life. If you are designing a new man cave on your own on a low budget or have millions, follow these easy last man cave design steps. You may also want to read How Much Does It Cost To Build A Man Cave.

Focus on your taste

This is your space that no one can take away from you. If you like dark and humid, that is your prerogative. If your man cave is the basement or above the garage, it is important that your own unique taste is magnified in the decoration. For example, if you are a football fan, run with that and create the maximum space for you and your friends to hang out and watch the games on Sunday. If you are a movie buff, decorate with movie posters. You get the idea. Once you have a theme in mind for your cave, it's time to start filling in interesting stuff.

Equipment and accessories

Television is the cornerstone of every man cave. Whether it's a 60-inch flat screen with surround sound or a seven-inch black and white wireless, you will definitely need it. If you can afford to plop down a few thousand on an entertainment system, go for it! If not, pawn shops are great places to pick up decent average gear at a fraction of the sticker price. Beware of the buyer: pawn shops are not exactly known for their honesty. You will not be able to return what you buy, but it is that a potential, although risky, shot to get a bigger TV for your man cave. Of course, you'll need cable or a satellite dish to access all channels and a DVD player including booming bass speakers that turn up loud enough to drown out any planes/trains/cars passing.

Buying the right furniture 

Now, it is important that you have something to sit on; preferably a large sofa or recliner. If you want to keep this man cave to yourself and avoid all the visitors, go with the recliner. However, if you are the social type, get a nice large sofa that can accommodate all of your friends. Nothing is worse than coming back from the bathroom only to find that someone has stolen your seat. If price is no object, then you can look at just about any recliner, guaranteed to keep you in your man cave until his wife threatens to leave you. If you're part of the 99 percent of the population that doesn't have a bottomless wallet, check around your local thrift stores and salvation army stores.

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