These Activities will Help You Keep the Kids Entertained at Home

01 May, 2020 | DD Contributor
  • These Activities will Help You Keep the Kids Entertained at Home
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If you feel as though you just want to keep the kids entertained at home, then you will be glad to know that this is super easy to do. There are so many things that you can try, and when you do, you will be able to forge a closer bond and you will also be able to help them to have fun.

Crafting with Cardboard

Why not craft something by using cardboard? When you do, you can create everything from a pirate ship to a superhero HQ or even a castle. When you do things like this, you will be able to create something truly unique and you will also be able to role-play a little. Don’t be afraid to add things like sheets, boxes or cushions either. When you do, you can then be more creative.

Treasure Hunt

Children and even adults love a good treasure hunt. If you want to get creative, then you can hide the treasure in the house or even in the garden. When you have finished hiding everything you can then put an X where the treasure is and then leave clues. Another option would be for you to use the hot or cold method to tell them if they are close to the jackpot. This is a quick and fun way for you to really make a difference.

Obstacle Course

Kids tend to have tons of energy that needs to be burned. If you want to help them to burn themselves out, then you might want to look into an obstacle course. You can create this yourself and you can give a prize to whoever is able to do it in the shortest time. Classic games such as flying paper planes or even egg and spoon races are great, along with cornhole games. If you want to buy some bags then check out:

Setup Camp

Set up camp in your own back garden or even inside if you want. If you do then you will be able to enjoy all of the fun of camping without having to worry about cooking on a stove or even having nothing to do. Simply take some good books to read and some cosy blankets too.

Write a Story

Put your kid’s imagination to good use by writing a story, or even creating a poem together. This is a fantastic way for you to harness their creativity. If you want to take things to that next level then make a play. Young children will absolutely love dressing up and you can even go through your old clothes to see if you have something unique for them to wear.

If you want to make things even more exciting for them, then you can even try and create a stage for them to act out their story. When you do, you will be able to make something really special. You can then get them to film their venture so that you can show your family and friends at a later date. This will help them to build their confidence.

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